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After making a debut in the Big Brother AU, viewers are interested in learning more about Sam Manovski. Let us dig deeper into the article, and together we can investigate the specifics of her life.

Samantha is the new housemate in season 14 of Big Brother. Her love for intimacy coaching is ever-evolving. She has more than eight years of experience working in a variety of human resources positions and gaining knowledge about human behavior.

Coupled with her studies in coaching and personal curiosity about truthful and healthy relating, these factors contribute to Samantha's passion for intimacy coaching.

Who Is Sam Manovski On Big Brother AU? 

In this season of Big Brother AU, intimacy coach Sam Manovski is one of the housemates. Manovski uses her time as an intimacy coach to assist others in gaining a better understanding of their own sexuality and the satisfaction they seek from sexual encounters.


Manovski characterizes herself as opinionated, vocal, and a born leader who won't tolerate being told what to do, especially by another woman. She also claims that she won't stand being called a follower. She is not afraid to use her sexuality to achieve what she wants, and in her pre-show Q&A, she adds that she is most looking forward to winning.

She hopes that her other contestants would view her as a housemate who is "extremely efficient, helpful, and amusing," and that she will win their hearts with her cooking, her "wonderful sense of humor," and her sensuality.

How Old Is Sam Manovski? Her Age

Sam Manovski was born on October 21st, 1988. At this moment, she is 33 years old.

She is looking forward to pushing herself to handle the pressures of the mental and physical game during her time in the house, although she is less excited about not having her own space.

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In the house, she and Anthony Drew have been seen with one other and exploring the possibility of developing their own relationship. 


She shares the details about her journey in the Big Brother house frequently to keep her large following fan of 8K up to date about her activities.

Is She Anthony Drew Girlfriend?

Sam and Anthony have yet to reveal their relationship in the media. They were seen together most of the time yet have not spoken clearly about them yet.

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Sam and Drew are both in their early 30s, and they are presumably going through the same stages of life at the same time. And considering how well their relationship has been developing within the house up to this point, we don't see any reason why they wouldn't try to take it outside as well.

Sam, on the other hand, is a native of Queensland, but Drew lives and works in Melbourne.