Samuel is an English actor who is seen as Avallac'h in Netflix's new sci-fi show The Witcher: Blood Origin
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Samuel Blenkin plays the role of a 400 years old man in The Witcher: Blood Origin. This Netflix original series features Samuel as Avallac'h.

The English actor is a talented lad who has displayed excellent acting capabilities on the screen since his debut in 2018. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, he has been a part of some notable projects, all thanks to his acting skills.

So far, he has worked on 11 projects as an actor. He also has other projects in the pipeline to which he will contribute as a director and cinematographer.

The English actor has only been active in the industry for a short period. However, this has not impacted his quality as his works seem polished, and his capabilities are difficult to match for other newcomers.

If the lad continues to work hard, no other things could stop him from becoming another acting legend to emerge from the UK.

Samuel Blenkin Is 400 Years Old In The Witcher Universe

Samuel Blenkin played the 400 years old character Avallac'h in the 2022 sci-fi thriller The Witcher: Blood Origin. Avallac'h has screen time in three episodes.

This character has a profound history in the witcher universe based on the novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Because of the wide success of these novels, they have been adapted as video games and tv series.

Some of its on-screen adaptations include the 2019 show The Witcher and the latest one to be part of its universe in Netflix's 2022 sci-fi thriller The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Samuel as Avallac'h in The Witcher: Blood Origin
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This show features a character Avallac'h who has a deep history and has been remembered several times in the previous show. Despite being an essential character in the series, it only gets its on-screen debut in 2022.

Avallac'h belonged to the elf race and was nicknamed fox by the unicorns. He has the capability of traveling between the worlds of Aen Elle and Aen Sidhe, and he is the one who tells Geralt about an incident related to Ciri.

Geralt is the protagonist of this story, whereas Ciri is his adopted daughter.

Facts To Know About Samuel Blenkin

  1. Samuel has played the 400-year-old character Avallac'h in the Netflix show, The Witcher: Blood Origin, despite his only being in his early 20s.
  2. He is set to have directorial and cinematography credits with a new project, Seen. He already has 11 credits as an actor.
  3. Blenkin has also worked in theaters during actively working as an on-screen artist. He has been a part of 6 theater projects so far.
  4. The talented actor is a native of the UK. Samuel has spent most of his life studying and working professionally in his native country.
  5. Samuel is managed by a London-based talent management company 'Insight Management& Production.'

Samuel has been active in the industry since 2018
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