Sappy Holiday was filmed near Toronto in Canada. Sappy Holiday cast includes Vanessa Sears and Jon McLaren.

The film's main character is a chef named Joy, who learns that her longtime lover plans to propose to her. But Joy is a little unsure about her relationship and has to be sure of her marriage choice.

Joy needs assistance since she is out of town and her vehicle is trapped in the snow. While Joy waited for her car to be repaired, a maple farmer invited her to visit his farm. Joy stays there with his family and feels like she is at home.

Although the family has financial difficulties, they do not want to sell their farm. Joy suggests they transform this large farm home into a bed and breakfast; the plan is successful, so they no longer need to sell the property.

James and Joy have become quite close, but Joy still has a boyfriend who is getting ready to propose. Watching "Sappy Holiday" is required to learn the whole story.

Sappy Holiday Filming Location

Sappy Holiday filming location includes Toronto. Sappy Holiday was shot this March close to Toronto to capture the authentic vibe of Christmas.

The snowy mountains were one of the real-life landscapes shown in the film. The movie was filmed in real snow.

The main home in the movie was filmed in a magnificently constructed and furnished cabin. As described by Venessa Sears, the movie's female protagonist, the actual locales were beautiful and intimate.

Venessa taking selfie with the cast of Sappy Holiday
Venessa taking selfie with the cast of Sappy Holiday ( Source : instagram )

In addition, Ontario witnessed a sharp increase in investment during the "Suicide Squad" filming. The film, almost wholly shot in Toronto, cost $175 million to produce and made many citywide stops.

Sappy Holiday Cast List

Venessa Sears as Joy

Venessa Sears is a Dora and Toronto Theatre Critics
Venessa Sears is a Dora and Toronto Theatre Critics ( Source : instagram )

Venessa Sears is the female lead character in the movie. She was born in Deep River, Ontario, Canada, on May 15, 1992, and is a brilliant actor.

Along with being an actor, the multi-talented individual is also a singer, director, and social media influencer. The actress has put much effort into promoting the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

As she grew older, Vannessa even took acting courses because she had a strong interest in performing from an early age.

Jon McLaren as James

Actor Jon McLaren plays the male lead role in the holiday movie
Actor Jon McLaren plays the male lead role in the holiday movie ( Source : instagram )

In the movie, Jon McLaren plays the male lead role. He is most known for his performance as Star-Lord in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," which earned him a nomination for a British Academy Games Award for Performer in a Leading Role.

The actor has experience in the field and has worked on various projects since he was young. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is the birthplace of the multi-talented actor and producer born on October 26, 1984.

Some of his film and television credits include "Winter Castle," "Flashpoint," "Metal Tornado," "My Nanny's Secret," "Bottom of the World," "Mistletoe & Menorahs," "The Covenant," "House at the End of the Street," and "Stripped Naked," among others.

Sappy Holiday Additional Cast

  • Brigitte Kingsley as Nancy
  • Chelsea Muirhead as Cherrie
  • Leo Choy as Antoni
  • Rebecca Lamarche as Rebecca
  • Susan Hamann as Mrs. Lewi
  • Troy Blundell as Dax
  • Colton Royce as Gabe