Best known for appearing in Scrubs, Sarah Chalke, 46, starrs as Kate Mularkey in the series
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Sarah Chalke weight loss and skinny appearance is attributed to a rumored eating disorder. Sarah weighs 60 kgs.

The actress earned significant appraisals for starring in the lead role of Elliot Reid on the NBC/ABC comedy series Scrubs. Chalke is making rounds on the web after appearing in Firefly Lane as Kate Mularkey.

Well-versed in medical dramas, Chalke played dermatologist Stella Zinman on the prominent series 'How I Met Your Mother.' Some of her notable roles include Becky Conner on Roseanne, Beth Smith on Rick and Morty, and more.

The Canadian actress starts in the Netflix series Firefly Lane alongside a talented cast, including Katherine Heigl, Ben Lawson, Ali Skovbye, Roan Curtis, Yael Yurman, Beau Garrett, Brendan Taylor, and more.

Why Does Sarah Chalke Look So Skinny?

Sarah Chalke appears to have lost significant weight as she appeared skinny in Firefly Lane. Sarah was rumored to have an eating disorder.

Usually, we don't get to see an actress play a character from her teenage to middle-aged divorcee. The Canadian actress has taken upon the challenge alongside her co-star Katherine, who plays best friend Tully's role onscreen.

The Netflix series had different actors portraying the two best friends at 14. Besides that, all the portions beyond 14 were played by the actual leads, Chalke and her co-star Katherine.

A discussion on Sarah Chalke's skinny looks on Movie Chat gained traffic on the web.
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Speaking of Chalke's skinnier appearance, the 46-year-old Canadian actress, Chalke, was never on the chubbier side, even when she appeared in the series, Scrubs. Her weight remains one of the discussed topics to date among the netizens.

Over a decade back, a user discussed Chalke's physical appearance on Movie Chat, an online community dedicated to discussing actors, celebrities, and TV shows.

The discussion reads, 'I was watching Scrubs on the 6th, and I was so shocked when I saw how skinny she has gotten!! I remember she was so healthy in the first season, but now her head is big, and her arms and legs are like toothpicks.'

Chalke is earning critical acclaim after appearing in the series. Her appearance might be shocking for those who know her as Elliot Reid in Scrubs. That said, netizens need to understand that any person will age in over a decade.

Netizens speculated Chalke's weightloss after her appearance in
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To fit in character in their 20-somethings in the 1980s for Firefly Lane, Sarah likely must've undergone some changes to reflect the true essence of the character. 

The actress, despite having a trim physique, Sarah, is healthy. She works out, takes a balanced diet, and ignores food devoid of nutritional values, keeping her healthy at all times.

The Canadian actress, Sarah, is best known for her role as Dr. Elliot Reid in the series
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Chalke, 46, went surfing on September 2021 with the surfboard, which came as a gift on her birthday. This speaks volumes about her healthy and fit body.

Likewise, she is also very flexible. Chalke did a split that too in jeans with a pregnant belly cast costume in 2021. She apologized to the costume department, 'Splits in jeans...seemed like a good idea at the time. Sorry costume department 🤦‍♀️.'

Sarah Chalke Weight Loss

The actresses undergo some weight fluctuations to fit into the character. Likewise, various technical pros like VFX and lighting might've contributed to Chalke appearing skinnier in the series.

Sarah currently weighs 60 kg. Sarah is a vegan; she chose this path after reading the book Diet For A New America.

Some cyber citizens might have opinions; the actor must be compelled to play the roles within their age scope so they can stay the same to portray the character correctly.

Chalke, being a versatile actress, took upon the challenge of the series. Her challenging role and transformations for roles might be another reason for her weight loss.

Chalke has been doing workout classes with Raegan over zoom with her sister. She follows the classes four mornings a week.

Sarah Chalke Before And After pictures

Sarah Chalke's before and after pictures have gained traffic on the web after her appearance on Firefly Lane.

A comparison collage of Sarah Chalke from her time as Dr. Elliot Reid in Scrubs and as Kate in
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Netizens are making various comparison pictures of the Canadian actress. The actress has undoubtedly changed from the time she starred as Elliot Reid in Scrubs from its inception until the last season.

Regardless of passing over a decade, Chalke's age-defying beauty has always made significant rounds. The veteran actress religiously takes care of her health, be it physical or mental, facilitating the enhancement of her beauty.

Sarah Chalke As Kate Mularkey in Firefly Lane

How I Met Your Mother actress Sarah Chalke appears as Kate Mularkey in the television series Firefly Lane.

The television series follows the journey of two young best friends, Tully and Kate, from their young teenage years coping with school and family to their 20s in the 1980s to their lives in their 40s.

Kate Mularkey, the character played by Chalke, goes through a divorce while her best friend, Tully, played by Katherine, boasts a successful TV career.

Actress Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis play the teenage Tully and Kate, respectively. At the same time, the 20-something and 40-somethings are played by Chalke and Katherine, who are actually in their 40s.

Sarah Chalke (right) and Katherine Heigl (left) portrays onscreen best friend Kate and Tully respectively in the series
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The two best friends, Tully and Kate, support each other through thick and thin and have unconditional love for each other from their teens to their forties. 

Chalke, alongside the cast of the Netflix TV series, hit the headlines after the release of part 1 of season 2 on December 2. The 2nd part of the season is set to release on June 8, 2023.

All the latest Instagram posts of Sarah surround the promotion of part one of season 2 of the TV series. You can watch the series on Netflix.