Sarunas Jackson is of mixed ethnicity as his mother is Jamaican and father is German
Sarunas Jackson is of mixed ethnicity as his mother is Jamaican and father is German( Source : instagram )

Sarunas Jackson was born to parents of German and Jamaican ethnicity. Sarunas has his stepfather Romel P. Jackson.

The actor is well-known for his role as Dro on Issa Rae's hit HBO series Insecure. Jackson's solid onscreen resume demonstrates he's more than an HBO hunk.

Jackson has appeared in several productions, including television shows, short films, and music videos. In addition to Insecure, he has been on Made for Love, Games People Play, and Good Trouble.

In addition to performing, Jackson is a talented writer who has written for the television series Vital Signs. Furthermore, the six-foot-eight-inch actor was a professional basketball player who competed in international leagues.

Here are five facts about Sarunas that you might not have known before.

1. Sarunas Jackson Has A Loving Stepfather

Sarunas Jackson was born to parents from different ethnicity. Sarunas mother has Panamanian and Jamaican roots.

His real father was of German and Afro-American descent. Sarunas also has a stepfather Romel P. Jackson.

On his Instagram, Sarunas has posted a picture with his father, which he captioned, " Been A Good Year For Philly. Grateful To Be In A Position To Share These Moments W/ My Favorite Lite Bright (Pops), A True Philly Man!".

Sarunas Jackson attending the game with his stepdad Romel
Sarunas Jackson attending the game with his stepdad Romel ( Source : instagram )

2. Sarunas Jackson Has A Mixed Ethnicity

Sarunas Jackson is a German Afro-Latino deeply rooted in Panamanian and German ethnicity. Jackson is proud of his culture.

The actor was pursuing dual citizenship in Panama at one point. While Jackson fully embraces his Afro-Panamanian heritage, he says it has occasionally been a barrier to securing acting roles.

Despite the obstacles, Jackson has made progress in Hollywood and has strongly advocated for more Afro-Latino presence onscreen. He even persuaded Insecure's producers to make his character in the movie African American and Panamanian, just like himself.

3. Sarunas's Brother Is Darius D. Jackson

Sarunas Jackson brother is Darius Jackson who is the partner of Keke Palmer. Darius and Keke are expecting a baby.

Sarunas Jackson brother Darius and his partner Palmer are expecting a baby
Sarunas Jackson brother Darius and his partner Palmer are expecting a baby ( Source : elle )

Darius is about to be a father. On December 3, while hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time, actress Keke Palmer revealed she was expecting a child with partner Darius Jackson.

Sarunas introduced Palmer to Darius when she appeared on Insecure herself. They met at a Memorial Day Party in May 2021 and made their relationship public in August 2021.

4. Sarunas Was In Open Relationship With His Partner Dominique Perry

Sarunas and his ex-girlfriend Dominique Perry were in a relationship. Sarunas and Perry have a child together.

This resulted in great tension and uncertainty for the character Molly, who was romantically linked with Dro in Insecure. While the onscreen drama is fictitious, Jackson has real-life experience with an open relationship.

This firsthand experience, according to Jackson, let him relate more to his role and allowed him to play the role more genuinely and without judgment.

5. Sarunas Jackson Has A Daughter With DomiNque Perry

Jackson has a daughter called Zennie with co-actress Dominque Perry. Zennie came into this world in 2018.

Sarunas on twitter
Sarunas on twitter " The mother of my child does AMAZING shoots with our daughter" ( Source : twitter )

When Zennie was born, it wasn't immediately clear who the father was; however, after both actors made Instagram posts about the kid, the internet quickly concluded that Jackson was the father.

Just hours after Perry announced the birth of her daughter, costar Jackson, who portrays Dro on Insecure, tweeted a photo of the baby with the caption "NWTS" and multiple hands up, praying, and love eye emojis. NWTS referenced Drakes's album "Nothing was the same."