Scott Newgent's life got destroyed after he transitioned into a man
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Scott Newgent, an anti-transition activist, has done expertise work in preventing children from getting life-threatening surgery as he used to exist as Kellie King. 

Known for his appearances for the documentary, What Is a Woman? he and political commentator Matt Walsh deep-dived into the concepts of sex and gender in the digital age, focusing on the transgender rights movement.

Indeed, they explored life after the procedure, as a child gets confused about changing their roles in society and adjusting to a completely different mindset, vastly different from the one they grew up in.

Scott Newgent Before Surgery: What Did He Look Like?

Scott Newgent was a biological female, Kellie King before he transitioned at age forty-two. 

Earlier, he was an enigma in the business world who operated as a powerful business sales executive, making waves as a prolific sales charts expert while acquiring countless honors, awards, and accolades.


He explained how his world turned upside down at 42 when he finally decided that beginning lesbian was not enough as he had to change his true identity

The method was the most painful experience, which took everything away from him, including his peace, finances, wife, and even his career. As the chance at life began diminishing, he lost faith in God as he believed his time had come. 

The experimental nature of the surgery made many doctors search for answers as they could not even turn back to the practitioner for their medical negligence. 

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After spending one million dollars and almost losing his life to seven surgeries, a pulmonary embolism, an induced stress heart attack, and sepsis, he finally completed his metamorphosis.

Is Scott Newgent The Partner Of Kellie King? Are They Together?

Scott Newgent has not talked about a partner for a boyfriend, but Kellie King is his given name at birth as he is the parent of three teenage kids. 

Earlier, he was happy in a lesbian relationship and even had a wife who left him after he became transgender. 

Since then, his only family was his children, as he worried about them during the painful seventeen months of his evolution. They appeared wherever he closed his eyes as his hardships melted away. 

Afterward, he went into independent research about the medical practices related to his community and got enraged when he read what was happening to other kids.

The issue hit home as young kids got medically transitioned before they got a hold of their emotions. He was against the ideas, as they were not mentally or physically stable to handle such traumatizing operation.

He took matters into his hands as he collaborated with all different walks of life and became the founder of TRevoices, TRans Rational Educational Voices.

Who Is Scott Newgent's Family?

Activist Scott Newgent has not spoken about a family or his upbringing, as his life truly began after he made got his surgeries. 

He has talked about having a crazy mother-in-law, Melody, who did not adhere to his choices and used incorrect pronouns, refusing to call her anything but Kellie. 

Although they had a love-hate relationship, he still adored her as if they were family.

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Unknowingly she gave him a valuable lesson when she was passionately ranting about a nasty coworker as she told her happiness was an inside job.

A bulb went off inside her mind as that became her motto for the rest of her life.