Sean won the 2022 MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss
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Sean McInerney has a net worth of $100 thousand.  Sean McInerney makes most of his money through his career as YouTuber.

Sean is well known for his part in the surfers' life-documentary television series "Who is J.O.B.?"The documentary includes various types of water sports and action scenes. Poopies became famous after appearing on "Jackass," an American reality television program.

The YouTuber was also popular after a shark severely attacked him during Shark Week's joint Discovery and Jackass program. He posted videos and detailed discussions regarding the infamous shark attack on his YouTube channel, @ThePoopiesChannel. He remarked that this video was the "craziest vlog ever recorded" on the track.

Photos taken after being treated by on-site medical personnel show McInerney suffered a deep bite to this hand and artery and tendon damage. Poopies had much to overcome to recover from the experience and the psychological stress.

Sean Mclnerney Net Worth

Sean McInerney has a net worth of $100 thousand. Sean McInerney is a famous TV personality and writer.

The primary income source for Poopsie is his Youtube channel and the videos and vlogs posted on his social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube. The young YouTuber who performs stunts already has many fans on the site. More than 134,000 people are current subscribers to his channel.

Sean travels to Vegas with his dog Grom on his studio van.
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Furthermore, he also runs a sideline business in which he sells different types of t-shirts, bottoms, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories, which has helped him contribute much more to his total wealth accumulation.

Additionally, Poopies has a verified Instagram account under the username @poopiesgram with more than 346k followers, where he seems to be pretty active and has 1600+ posts.

However, back in June 2022, the Youtube star mentioned that he was broke and did not even have the money to pay for the gas. He received little compensation for his appearance in the newest "Jackass" film as well, and due to the COVID-19 outbreak, he had cash flow issues.

Ways Sean McInerney Earns His Income

1. Youtube Channel

Sean's fortune is primarily derived from the YouTube videos and vlogs he posts on his personal YouTube channel.

YouTube is one of the many methods to become a web sensation and, perhaps, an internet millionaire. The YouTube channel can expect to earn an average of $18 for every 1,000 ad views. For every 1000 video views, this works out to $3 to $5.

Sean has over 134k followers, and most of his videos have over 5k views per video, so it is safe to assume that he has amassed a large sum of money from Youtube.

2. Paid Promotions

The Youtube sensation is also seen advertising companies that help him with his vlogs and other stuff on his social media account, Instagram.

Sean mentions companies like mototradcom, skankfestnyc, indacloudco, outpostvans, and many others on his officially verified Instagram account under the username @poopiesgram.

These advertisements are also expected to bring Sean a healthy sum of money, and it can be said that paid promotions are also a source of income for the Youtube sensation.

Sean in his store's t-shirt advertising his merchandise store Poopsie Store.
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3. Merchandise Buisness

Sean is also seen as involved in the merchandise business he runs under Poopies Store.

McInerney is seen selling different accessories from his site and is thought to have earned a decent sum of money from his business. His followers highly appreciate his designs and clothes.

4. Writer

Sean "Poopies" McInerney is a series newcomer and one of the primary lights of "Jackass Forever." In the movie, he engages in a terrifying stunt where he gets up close and personal with a Texas rat snake; this action got him the MTV Movie Award for best kiss.

In this way, the 2022 American reality comedy film Jackass Forever is another income source for the vlogger Sean.

Sean has two writing credits in his writing account for Jackass 4.5 and Jackass Forever. He also worked as conceptual arts of the movies.