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Secrets in the Building Lifetime cast includes popular faces like Shemeka Wright, Kia Dorsey, and Katelin Chesna in lead roles. Secrets in the Building is a 2022 thriller movie.

Directed by Doug Campbell, Secrets in the Building follow Michelle and her daughter, Norah, who, after the demise of her husband, moves to a new home for a new start.

They become good friends with Helene and Channing, two other mother-daughter tenants, which bothers the gruff maintenance worker. Josh, a building contractor, falls for Michelle, and the two begin dating.

Meanwhile, Channing has taken Norah under her wing but has grown envious of her popularity at school. Things get worse as Michelle and Norah are threatened with more intensity.

Sure that someone will go to any extent to get them out of the apartment, Michelle and Norah unite to figure out who is after them, not realizing how close the culprit has been all along.

Secrets In The Building Lifetime Cast List

Secrets In The Building Lifetime cast consists of Shemeka Wright and Kia Dorsey in the lead roles. Secrets In The Building was released on December 9, 2022.

The actors who have put a soul into the characters of this thriller movie are mentioned below.

Shemeka Wright

Shemeka Wright is an LA-based actress who portrays the character of Michelle Green in the movie.

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The film's leading cast member is Wright. In the movie, Michelle and her daughter move to a new place after the demise of Michelle's husband.

She dates building contractor Josh in the movie. Shemeka is also an entrepreneur; she has recently founded a product called Be You Candles. Each candle is hand poured by Wright. 

Kia Dorsey

Kia is a newcomer actress who portrays the role of Norah Green in Secrets in The Building.

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Norah is the daughter of Michelle; she and her mother start their new life in a new place. Norah is very popular at school, but with the increased popularity, she and her mother are threatened with increasing intensity.

Katelin Chesna

Actress Katelin portrays the tenants in the movie. She plays the role of Helene.

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Helene and her daughter immediately become friends with Michelle and her daughter. Their bonding irritates the gruff maintenance worker.

Katelin realized she wanted to be an actress when she was a pre-med. She traveled to New York for three years to study theater.

Tori Griffith

Actress Tori Griffith plays the character of the daughter of Helene. 

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Tori and Norah also immediately have a bonding after their first meeting. Channing also supports and takes Norah under her wing at the school.

Channing plays an essential role in Norah's popularity.

Justin Berti

Berti was among the last cast members to join the movie. Berti portrays the role of Josh, who plays the role of a contractor in the movie.

Josh soon falls for Michelle, and they start to go out. Berti is previously known as Eliott in the mini-series Submission. 

Other Casts Of The Movie Include

Allison Ye as Amanda

Noah Fearnley as Aiden

Alexander Harris as Principle

Secrets In The Building Shooting And Release Date

The thriller movie Secrets in the Building was released on December 9, 2022. The film was entirely shot in the United States.

You can enjoy the movie on You can start a free trial to start watching. After the trial period ends, viewers can pay the premium package of Lifetime to enjoy various movies.

The review of the movie Secrets in the Building has been positive as of now, so be ready for an exciting thriller movie.