Sepideh and Arienne characters Dani and Gigi have a fan collage name Gini.
Sepideh and Arienne characters Dani and Gigi have a fan collage name Gini.( Source : instagram )

Sepideh Moafi and Arienne Mandi are fellow actors on the shoe on the TV show L Word: Generation Q. Sepideh and Arienne are dating partners in the reel but not in real life.

Sepideh is an Iranian-American actress and singer. She made her first on-screen appearance in 2013 in the tenth episode of season four of CBS's Blue Bloods, in which Moafi guest-starred as Aaliya Zaki.

She was born in a refugee camp in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany, because her parents had to flee Iran after the Islamic Revolution. The actress has not revealed her love life and sexuality to the public. 

Sepideh Moafi Love Life

Sepideh Moafi has no relationship with fellow actress Arienne Mandi apart from being friends. Sepideh and Arienne are single despite having an on-screen romance.

The actress is in love with her furry baby Simone de Beauvoir. She adopted him through Social Tees Animal Rescue in 2019.

After the 2019 drama series named The L Word: Generation Q, people started comparing the on-screen actresses to real life. The romance remains on the screen only.

Their on-screen chemistry got a lot of attention among the viewers, and they are now considered a good match. They have even been given a ship name Gini from their roles as Gigi and Dani.


As we scroll through her Instagram, Sepideh Moafi parents, Soraya Moafi and Enayat Moafi are her first love. She flaunts her attachment.

Her passion for acting and dancing has an irreplaceable place in her life.

In the show, her character Gigi is finding ways to co-parent with former partner Nat but ends up in a doomed-to-fail. Her relationship is a bit complicated.

Arienne Mandi Has A Loving Boyfriend

Arienne Mandi boyfriend Markus Silbiger is an actor from South California. Arienne and does not have any romantic relationship with Sepideh.

Her Instagram tells us a different story, even though Arienne is professionally an actress. Her feed is flooded with modeling pictures. It won't be unfair if we say modeling is her second love.

Markus has 29 acting credits in his IMDB account. His most significant role to date is Evan in Zac and Mia.


Last year he appeared in the TV series In the Vault as Taylor Price. He also played Tyler in the TV series Pearson.

It is still being determined how Arienne and Markus met, but they met in 2018. The couple prefers hiding their relationship instead of flaunting it.

The actress likes roaming around the forest. In 2022, She posted a picture on Instagram captioned "Found my new favorite trees."

Sepideh and Arienne In L Word: Generation Q

Sepideh and Arienne are couple goals in the TV series In L Word: Generation Q. Sepideh plays Gigi, and Arienne plays Dani in the show.

They crossed each other's path in season 1 at Shane's birthday party but as strangers. They met in season 2 when Bette introduced them while searching for an apartment.

Dani had a rough time as her father was arrested, and her recent break up with Sophie went harsh on her. Gigi consoles her as a friend and ends up kissing, but she refuses to sleep.

Although Dani has a complicated relationship with her former partner Nat, Dani and Gigi, have an intimate moment in episode 7 of season 2.

This is not all; they were further caught kissing at the show's watch party. They went to Henrietta Hudsons in New York.

They have a dedicated fan page under their name on Instagram. The page is managed by CARLA p design with more than 8k followers.