Sergey Pelykh aka Juri Hancurkan is one of the X-Factor contestants. He is currently in the headlines after his guitar goes destroyed. Scroll to learn more.

Sergey Pelykh is the contestant whose guitar got destroyed. His actual name is Pelykh, however, people misunderstood his name as Juri Hancurkan. 

It translates to “the judge destroys” in Indonesian which went around as a name due to mistranslation in an article. He was trending on social media because a viral video of a judge slamming his guitar surfaced on the Internet. 

After the viral incident, Pelykh made a video on his TikTok account thanking Indonesians. Scroll below to learn more about the viral video. 

Who Is X-Factor Contestant Sergey Pelykh?

Sergey Pelykh is one of the contestants in a music competition show, The X-Factor. He is also a social media personality with thousands of subscribers on a YouTube channel. 

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He uploads singing videos on his channel. Apart from that, he is also active on other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

Sergey already had a good fan following on the Internet before he entered the show as a contestant. He is currently all over the headlines after a judge slammed his guitar on the stage. 

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Sergey Pelykh's Guitar Got Destroyed On Stage 

The judge named Dmitri Shurov slammed the guitar of X-Factor contestant Sergey Pelykh. People got furious with the judge ever since the video surfaced on the Internet. 

Many people came forward to support what happened to him on the stage of a reality show. Pelykh made a video on TikTok thanking people for showering him with love. 

They called out the judge and asked Shurov to apologize to the reality star contestant. He is continuing to grow on Internet as a social media personality. 

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Has Dmytro Shurov Apologized To Sergey Pelykh: Instagram Details 

Everyone is waiting for Dmytro Shurov to release an official statement to apologize to Sergey Pelykh.  After the judge smashed his guitar, he got tense and teared up. 

Pelykh then revealed that the guitar was a gift from his late father. After the heartbreaking moment on the show, people started calling out Shurov on Twitter. 

It is unclear if the show has taken any action against Dmytro for his action. He has yet to release any statement about his ruthless behavior.