Sergio Barraza is the husband of Elizabeth Barraza, who was brutally murdered on 25th January 2019. He has now remarried Amber Cheatham.

Sergio Barraza is the husband of Elizabeth Barraza, a Texas woman who was brutally killed. She was shot in her driveway in January 2019, as she was preparing for a garage sale to earn money for her wedding anniversary.

Elizabeth and her husband planned a fun-filled vacation to the new Harry Potter World in Orlando for their 5th wedding anniversary. To help with the costs, the couple had a garage sale on January 25 2019, at their house in Tomball, Texas.

Sergio Barraza: Who Is New Wife Amber Cheatham?

Sergio Barraza remarried Amber Cheatham on 30th November 2021. There is no more information on Amber Cheatham. However, according to Sergio's Facebook Profile, the couple were engaged since March 2021.

Barraza is a member and an artist of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming group run by and for Star Wars fans all around the world. His deceased wife Elizabeth and him were Star Wars fans. 

Sergio Barraza Age & Wikipedia Explored

Sergio Barraza appears to be in his late 30s based on his looks. His actual age and date of birth, however, are unknown.

At the time of her death, his wife Elizabeth was 29 years old.

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Sergio Barraza And Elizabeth Barraza

Sergio Barraza And Elizabeth Barraza were married on 1st February 2014. The Star Wars fan couple was married for almost 5 years when Elizabeth was tragically murdered on 30th November 2019. The couple bought their first house in Tomball Texas, in 2016.

She grew up in Spring Texas, and went to Klein Collins High School. At the time of her death, she was working as a Data Reporter at Rosen. 

Sergio's wife was viciously shot and killed by an unknown assailant while unarmed and defenseless in her front yard.

At this moment, the identity of the individual who murdered Elizabeth is still unknown. Surveillance footage, however, captured the perpetrator, who seemed to be a lady in a robe. She got out of the truck and headed towards Barraza.

Sergio Barraza had only just gone to work when she was killed.

Elizabeth planned the garage sale, according to Barraza's relatives, to collect money for a vacation she and Sergio were preparing for their fifth wedding anniversary.