Shaynna Blaze is an Australian TV personality and interior designer.
Shaynna Blaze is an Australian TV personality and interior designer.( Source : com )

Shaynna Blaze has a staggering net worth of $5 million in 2022. She is The Block's judge and an Australian TV personality,

Blaze, particularly an interior designer, came to public attention in 2008 when she joined Selling Houses Australia as a co-host. Since then, her journey has become memorable in the Australian fraternity.

After her successful stint in Selling Houses Australia, she joined The Block, Channel 9's immensely successful team renovation show. After almost eleven seasons with the show, she has established herself as one of the most adored people on the show.

Moreover, Blaze's popularity peaked when she deservedly won the title of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2021 and decided to spend all of her earnings on a charity named Voice of Change.

The Block Judge Shaynna Blaze Net Worth Is Reportedly $5 Million In 2022

Shaynna Blaze, The Block's judge, has dazed everyone with her net worth, as some media have reported that the Australian owns more than $5 million in 2022.

The 59-year-old Australian's rise in the TV industry is quite an inspirational story. The way she has capitalized on her journey as an interior designer is a lesson for all people around the globe.

Shaynna Blaze during 2020 Australian Open ceremony in Melbourne.
Shaynna Blaze during 2020 Australian Open ceremony in Melbourne. ( Source : dailymail )

Inspired by her parents, Basil and Annette, The Block judge started her adventure as a teenager, which led her to design commercial interiors at Reece Plumbing. In 2007, an advertisement in the newspaper totally changed her career.

The Australian TV personality has appeared on several shows as a host, judge, and participant, including her own interior designer series, Blank Canvas With Shyanna Blaze, Buying Blind, Deadline Design, and so on.

Moreover, the 59-year-old Australian has been acclaimed with several awards for her contribution to the business and TV industry, including two AACTA Awards, and ASTRA Awards 2013 for the Favorite Female Personality.

Shaynna Blaze Career Earnings Breakdown And Sources Explored

Shaynna Blaze, 59, is not only a TV personality but also an actress, singer, interior designer, author, social media influencer, businesswoman, and real estate investor. Here we have tried to figure out her prime income sources.

TV Career

Blaze began her career in the TV industry in 2007, and since then she has been part of some successful TV shows, including The Block and Selling Houses Australia.

The Australian lady is successfully running The Block since 2012 and was part of Selling Houses Australia until 2021. However, she quit the latter show to manage her workload and time.

While it is still unclear how much she receives from The Block and Selling Houses Australia, she bagged a huge $300k in 2021 after taking home the title of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Later, the 59-year-old Australian star revealed the money she raised from the show was for a charity, Voice for Change, a charity that supports and speaks for the survivors of family violence.

Interior Designer

Though Blaze has become a famed TV personality, her main profession is as an interior designer. She landed her first job as an interior designer at Reece Plumbing.

The Australian star founded an interior designing company in 2005, Blank Canvas Interiors, based in Hawthorn East, Victoria. Her company has done great business since that period, earning her a handsome sum of money.

Moreover, Blaze has designed some amazing products for several brands like  Molmic, Urban Road, Harris Scarfe, and One World Lighting. These brands have reportedly paid Blaze thousands of dollars for her work.


Very few people are known of this fact the 59-year-old Blaze had a singing career of almost a decade. She performed as a Jazz singer for 10 years singing in clubs.

Although her career as a singer didn't last long, it certainly contributed a significant part in building her fortune of over $5 million. Some fans still want to see Blaze performing as a singer on stage.


Moreover, The Block judge is also an author and has several books under her name. Particularly, she writes on interior design and real estate investment.

In 2013, she released her first book, Design Your Home, an interior design book published by Penguin Books Australia. Then in 2015, she published her second book, Design With Color And Style.

In addition, she also writes and designs column columns for the likes of Stellar Magazine, The Herald Sun, and Grand Designs Magazine. All these sources combined have generated almost a million for her.

Youtuber And Social Media Influencer

Blaze opened her YouTube channel in 2013 where she puts videos about real estate investment, interior and exterior house design, lifestyle, etc. The channel has now more than 2k subscribers.

In addition, the 59-year-old Australian is a famous personality on the social media platform Instagram, with over 185k followers. She has probably monetized her social media accounts and even promotes several brands.


Last but not the least, many people believe that alimony also contributes some part to her staggering fortune, though she has never mentioned about this.

Shyanna Blaze with her ex-husband, Vaughan, and her children.
Shyanna Blaze with her ex-husband, Vaughan, and her children. ( Source : dailymail )

Blaze has married two times and is the mother of two children, a son, Jess Kenneally, and a daughter, Carly Anne Kenneally, from her first husband. Later, she married personal trainer Steve Vaughan.

However, her marriage with Vaughan ended in divorce in 2018 after 18 long years. As of now, she is probably single and continues her journey as a social advocate, TV personality, businesswoman, and interior designer.