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Katherina Mazepa's husband Shilo Mazepa is a US Diplomat whom she married in 2019. Find more about their married life and Katharina's present extra-marital affair with Menny Hochstein.

Katharina Mazepa is an Austrian model and Miss Vienna, 2014.

She is known for her fashion modeling and fitness influence, while also being known as a brand icon and beauty icon as well.

Katharina has been tied with the rumors linking her with the extramarital affair with Lenny Hochstein.

Lenny Hochstein is the husband of RHOM star Lisa Hochstein.

Lenny's 13 years long marriage is now on the verge of demolition as the affair led to spiral vertigo and one that stained the once wonderful marital status.

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Who Is Katharina Mazepa's Husband Shilo Mazepa? 

Katharina Mazepa was married to her US Diplomat husband Shilo Mazepa.

The two married in 2019 and her decorous marriage was attended by many elite personalities.

Former Miss Austria, 2012, Amina Dagi was one of Katharina's famous bridesmaids.

Katharina and Shilo's marriage, however, couldn't withstand the time and tides and the gentle forward marching full of resonance.

Shilo and Katharina would soon separate after Katharina filed for a divorce in 2021.

In recent years, Katherina's dating life was unexplored but she recently got into the internet hype after her alleged affair with RHOM's Lisa's husband Lenny Hochstein.

Katharina Mazepa Husband Amid Lenny Hochstein Romance Rumors-Why Are Affair Rumors Extant?

Katharina Mazepa was married in 2019 to her husband Shilo Mazepa.

Their marriage ended in divorce back in 2021 and Katharina was not dating anyone since the split.

In May 2022 Katharina Mazepa and Lenny Hochstein were caught partying hard and carving an extramarital affair in a Gala Miami club.

The husband of RHOM star Lisa Hochstein was caught and confronted by angry Lisa and her RHOM co-star Larsa in the club.

The RHOM star also had a brief verbal altercation with model Katharina and a drink was thrown as per insiders. 

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Take A Look At Katharina Mazepa's Wedding Pictures

Katharina Mazepa married Shilo Mazepa who is a US Diplomat and they carved a married life for just two years.

Following the split, Katharina didn't date abut her affair news with Lenny has been ever persistent.