Queensland man who claims to be Charles and Camilla’s son drops DNA bombshell after Queen passed away
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The Queenslander, Simon Dorante-Day, has been alleging for years that he is the secret child of King Charles III and Camilla. Following the passing of the Queen, he has now provided some fresh updates on the DNA paternity test.

Simon Dorante-Day might not have the same level of popularity as Camilla, Prince Charles, or Queen Elizabeth II. However, his bombshell assertions concerning King Charles III have been making headlines worldwide for years.

Prince Charles III and Camilla's alleged secret love child, Dorante-Day, has recently disclosed information about his DNA paternity case.

Simon has long claimed that he is linked to the royal family, and in an interview with the Australian publication 7NEWS, Simon defended his claims.

The latest twist from him comes after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Full Name Simon Dorante-Day
Age (2022) 56-years old
Born 5th of April 1966
Birth Place Gosport, Portsmouth UK
Native Queensland
Adopted parents Karen and David Day
Gender Male
Martial Status Married
Spouse/Wife Dr Elvianna Dorante-Day

Simon Dorante-Day Wikipedia: His Family Background 

Simon Dorante-Day, a native of Queensland, was born in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom. He was adopted by Karen and David Day, a local couple, when he was eight months.

As reported by 7news, Winifred and Ernest Bowden, his adopted grandparents, had both served in royal households for the Queen and Prince Philip. An Imperial Service Award was given to Ernest Bowden.

People are starting to believe Simon Charles Dorante-Day from his grandmother's stories of the palace to the faces of his children, these are his clues
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Per Dorante-Day's research, Charles and Camilla first grew close in 1965. He asserts that Charles was taken to Australia, and Camilla disappeared from the social media sphere in Britain for at least nine months after that, months before he was born.

Furthermore, according to a historian, the hospital named on his birth certificate as the place of his birth did not give birth to any children in the ten years he was born.

Simon Dorante-Day DNA test Results: Is He The Love Child Of Charles and Camilla?

The DNA paternity case of Simon Dorante-Day, who is alleged to be the secret love child of Prince Charles III and Camila, has now been made public.

He had previously made news on social media with his statements, which he said resulted from decades of investigation.

He has promoted the notion that he is Charles and Camilla's son for many years. According to Dorante-Day, his adopted grandmother served Queen Elizabeth. He stated she told him on her deathbed that Charles and Camilla were his real parents.

Given that he was born in 1966, it is likely that he was conceived before Charles and Diana's wedding. Many people think Charles and Camilla met in 1970, but Dorante-Day claims that is untrue.

A photo of Dorante-Day, in the middle, compared to Camilla in the left and Charles
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Furthermore, Dorante-Day thinks Charles and Camilla gave him to the staff to raise. Moreover, he expressed his grief about losing his "grandmother" after the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

Previously, he also mentioned that he attempted to write the Queen a letter hoping she would reply, but his attempt was unsuccessful.

Since then, Dorante-Day has stated that he wants to have Charles and Camilla's DNA tested in court. He claimed in an interview with 7News that he had discussed filing a lawsuit against the King with legal representatives.

In addition, Dorante-Day had previously tried to bring the case before a court but was unsuccessful. He thinks things will be different this time.

How Old Is Simon Dorante-Day's Age?

Simon Dornte-Day's age in 2022 is 56 years old. He was born on April 5th, 1966, in Gosport, Portsmouth, UK.

A photo comparison of a younger Dorante-Day alongside Charles and Camilla has caught the attention of royal watchers, with many noting the “mirror image” resemblance.
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He has spent more than ten years trying to establish his blue-blood status and rightful place as heir to the British throne.

Fascinatingly, he started claiming it long before Charles III took the throne.