Know about Sir Robert Ogden's wife, Lady Ana Ogden, as the self-made businessman passes away at 86.

Lady Ana Ogden is an English personality better known as the wife of the late Sir Robert Ogden.

Robert, a self-made multi-millionaire who rose to the top from the horseracing, building, and mining businesses, recently passed away at the age of 86.

He was a well-recognized personality and one of the popular faces in the business industry.

Many personalities as well as online sources expressed their condolences and gratitude as they mourned his demise.

The late businessman was survived by his second wife, Lady Ana Ogden, and his two children.

What Is Lady Ana Ogden Net Worth?

Lady Ana Ogden's net worth value is estimated to be around $1- $5 million.

Her actual worth is not confirmed by the online media sources and her professional background is also a matter of mystery.

Thus, we can only estimate her net worth value based on other available details.

On the other hand, her late husband, Sir Robert Ogden, was worth $225 million, according to The Richest.

They were living together for multiple years although the actual number of years is missing.

Where Is Sir Robert Ogden Wife After Death?

Sir Robert Ogden's wife, Lady Ana Ogden, is thought to be at their family house at the time of Robert's death.

Robert and Ana lived together and were probably based around Yorkshire or Boston since that is where their head office is located.

The lady is yet to respond to the incident and is rarely seen in the media.

Ana cannot be traced on social media platforms and is not a regular media personality.

Thus, her actual whereabouts and location are untraced at the moment.

How Did Sir Robert Ogden Die? Death Cause Explored

Sir Robert Ogden's death cause is thought to be a natural phenomenon.

There are no mentions of any happenings or any kind of foul play on the reports that speak about Robert's demise.

So, no accidents or any kind of dangerous incidents seem to have taken place.

Thus, the businessman probably passed away due to old age and natural process.

Sir Robert Ogden Family

Lady Ana Ogden was together with his wife, Lady Ana, and his two sons in his family.

Robert and Ana didn't have any children together.

His two sons, Adam and Robert Alan, are from his first marriage.