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Having a small backyard does not mean you have to sacrifice the joy of having a pool. Small backyard pools can range from 10' by 10' Spools to 12' by 24' or 10' by 15', and cater to limited spaces.

The shape of a pool such as rectangular, circular, or any other geometric size plays a crucial role in defining its overall aesthetic. Even with a smaller budget, a small backyard pool design can provide an excellent area for relaxation in your home.

Small Backyard Pool

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You can transform your small backyard into a compact and stylish pool. Various backyard pool ideas design options are available for your outdoor house setting space. Regardless of your preferred style from modern and Mediterranean to bohemian, or rustic, you can turn your pool into the most relaxing and enjoyable part of your house.

Stock Tank Pool

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One of the most trendy and cost-effective small backyard pools is an alternative solution to traditional swimming pools. You can either use galvanized steel or plastic livestock tanks, which give rusty yet stylish looks.

The size of the pool can range from small soaking tubs to larger swimming areas. Depending upon your preferences you can DIY the design, This pool is popular among among those seeking a refreshing backyard oasis without the hefty price tag.

Above-Ground Pool

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The above-the-ground pool is a great way to enjoy the summer months without having to install an expensive in-ground pool. They are relatively easy to set up and take down, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs and budget.

Some advantages of making the above-ground pool in small backyard:

  • Affordability
  • Easy installation
  • Portability
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Less maintenance

Plunge Pool

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A plunge pool is a small, deep swimming pool typically ranging from 6-12 feet in length, 4-8 feet in width, and 4-8 feet in depth. They are often square or rectangular and have a flat bottom.

This pool ideas for backyard is made for relaxation rather than summing or doing extensive water activities. Ideal for cooling off in tight spaces, the plunge pool is installed in the ground permanently.

It is popular for its versatility. Different kinds of materials like concrete, fiberglass, or pre-formed plastic. can be used. The minimalist design and lower maintenance make this an attractive option among the people.

Tarp Pool

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This creative solution pool uses a tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheet as the pool liner, which is supported by a frame made from materials such as PVC pipes or lumber.

The tarp used serves as a waterproof barrier. Although this pool cannot be as durable as a traditional pool, tarp pools however offer a cost-effective way to enjoy a temporary aquatic escape during hot weather.

Regular maintenance is required to address wear and tear.

DIY Concrete Block Pool

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Before building this pool for small backyard, you need to be sure that this project might take a while to complete, from leveling and excavation to laying a solid foundation. The wall must be finished with a waterproof coating. Different kinds of waterproofing materials can be used like pool-grade plaster or sealant to prevent the pool from leaking. This cost-effective approach requires careful planning and construction expertise.

Inflatable Ring Pool

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Also known as inflatable pools or kiddie pools, this design is popular among families having young children. They offer several advantages and also require a minimal setup, making them a convenient option for backyard water fun.

These pools are characterized by an inflatable ring at the top, which, when filled with air, gives the pool its shape. The inflatable ring also provides stability and buoyancy.

Things to consider:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Features
  • Age of users
  • Safety

Shipping Container Pool

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For the most unique and innovative garden looks try a shipping container pool. This backyard swimming pool design uses a standard shipping container and converts it into a functional and stylish aquatic space.

The container is modified to include features like steps, filtration systems, and sometimes windows. Offering advantages like durability, portability, and a modern aesthetic, the pool can also be customized including amenities such as heating and lighting.

Natural Pond Pool

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It is an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional swimming pools. Mimicking the appearance of a natural pool, the pool includes natural elements like sandy or gravel bottoms, rocks, and aquatic vegetation to create a more organic look.

Natural pool typically features a bio-filtration system to maintain the water quality. They are designed to support local ecosystems, promote biodiversity, and minimize the use of chemicals, providing a refreshing and serene swimming experience.

Pallet Pool

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To create a pallet pool, the pallets are put together and secured in the desired shape and size. Then, a heavy-duty tarp or pool liner is then fitted inside to contain the water. You can also add extras like seats or steps to make it unique. Pallet pools offer an inexpensive and inventive way to have a cool dip at home, making them a great choice for individuals looking for a temporary or semi-permanent way to cool off during hot weather.

Galvanized Stock Tank with Deck

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Combination of the rustic charm of a stock tank, the galvanized stock tank provides the pool basin, while a surrounding pool deck serves as a comfortable and elevated space for seating, sunbathing, or entertaining.

Remember, careful planning, quality materials, and proper construction are crucial for a safe and enjoyable stock tank pool with a deck. If you're unsure about any aspect, consult with a professional for guidance.

Beach Entry Pool

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Beach entry pools are also known as Xero-entry pools and are popular choices for homeowners looking for a unique and inventive swimming experience. They offer a gradual slope from the deck into the water, mimicking the feel of a beach entry.

To give your beach pool design the extra look you can also include cool things like spots to lounge in the water, spaces for umbrellas, and nice landscaping. The design is all about creative beach-like vibes in your backyard.

Inspiration and Resources:

  • Pinterest
  • DIY blogs and websites
  • Pool supply stores

L-Shaped Pool

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Making an L-shaped pool includes two two connected segments forming a right angle. This design offers a versatile layout that can cater to different aquatic activities and aesthetics. They offer multiple zones within the same pool. The longer section is often used for lap swimming while other shorter section is dedicated to feature steps, seating areas, or even a shallow play area.

Concrete Trough Pool

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This type of pool is typically constructed using concrete to create a seamless, rectangular, or trough-like shape. The design often emphasizes simplicity.

Concrete trough pools can be customized with features like built-in benches, steps, or even integrated spa sections. They can also have different depths to accommodate different activities.

The use of concrete allows for flexibility in design, and the finished product is durable and long-lasting.

Bamboo Wall Pool

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Incorporating the blend of two elements the pool and the bamboo, the design adds a touch of natural and tropical ambiance to the area. They provide the best visually appealing environment while offering privacy and serving as a decorative element.

If you want to give your house modern luxury elements, you can try the bamboo wall pool design. These design pools are mainly popular in tropical and subtropical climate homes.

Baja Shelf Pool

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This design pool is popular with many other names such as tanning ledge, sun shelf, or simply a shallow water area. It is designed to have a water depth ranging from a few inches to about a foot. The Baja shelf is often located at one end of the pool and is distinguished by its gradual slope. It enhances the pool's aesthetics, offers a practical space for relaxation, and is well-suited for families with children or those who enjoy a more leisurely aquatic experience.

DIY Fountain Pool

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You can make a DIY fountain pool in your backyard and enhance its visual appeal. For creating a fountain look you can incorporate a water pump system.  To give your pool a natural touch you can add rocks, pebbles, or aquatic plants.

The fountain can be customized using materials like stone or ceramics. With a water source, a pump, and creative elements, you can craft a personalized and budget-friendly fountain pool.