Sneako is an American YouTuber, social media personality and occasional Stand-Up comedian
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Has Sneako opened up about his relationship and girlfriend? A new Youtube video has sparked rumors of him dating a new girlfriend after a few days of his broken relationship.

Sneako started posting commentary and motivational videos where he would talk about many different life-related themes while going to the community to interview people.

Additionally, he began a podcasting series called One Minute Podcast, where he posted reviews, rants, hot takes, and political and sociopolitical commentary.

Additionally, Sneako collaborated with MrBeast, a well-known YouTuber. Due to his affiliation with the streetwear company Quality Clothing, the social media sensation also has job aspirations outside the spotlight.

It's not surprising that Sneako soon became well-known on TikTok, given that he already had a sizable fan base before joining the video-sharing platform in 2019.

Quick Facts

Real nameNico Kenn De Balinthazy
Date joined on Youtube April 9 2013
Age23 years old

Who Is Sneako's Girlfriend: Take A Look At His Dating History

Fans are aware that Sneako recently broke up with his girlfriend. People talked about it on Twitter, as the Youtuber created a drama about his dating life.

However, shortly after his breakup, Destiny recently posted a video on his Youtube channel titled "Destiny Interviews Sneako's Girlfriend." The video has a girl sitting next to the Youtuber.

Sneako was recently spotted having dinner with Destiny
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Even though he had a whole conversation about his recent controversy on the social platform, he never revealed anything about his relationship status. He is probably dating the girl from the video.

Moreover, he has posted pictures with the girl from Destiny's Youtube channel but has not tagged her in his photo. You can find the images from his recent post on Instagram.

Sneako also accused Brandon Buckingham through an interview of verbally harassing his ex-girlfriend Lily Fofana. Some fans compared him with Andrew Tate, while others were disgusted by his statements.

His posts mainly address contentious issues like "Do women prefer to be catcalled," "Is it alright to be obese," and "Why men and women aren't equal."

Does Sneako Live With His Parents And Siblings?

Sneako does not live with his parents and siblings as he has a life of his own. He is busy with his life as a musician and social media influencer.

The Youtuber was born to his parents on September 8, 1998. Apart from his date of birth, nothing much is available as he has not talked about his past and childhood with his siblings.

SNEAKO started out uploading videos of gameplay and giving commentary of video games
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SNEAKO initially uploaded gameplay videos and provided analysis on video games before changing to a style that may best be characterized as commentary and motivational, covering a wide range of life-related issues.

He began the One Minute Podcast series, posting social commentary and heated takes. Furthermore, he also posted reviews, rants, and political commentary.

He confessed his affection for the French film Cuties, directed by Maimouna Doucure, in the video "I have a confession... Cuties is my new favorite film," which he uploaded on September 15, 2020.

Even though D'Angelo was homeschooled, he stirred up further controversy when he made fun of his features and braces, called him a snitch, and claimed that he belonged at the lunch table with the teachers.

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Sneako's Net Worth In 2022: What Does He Do For Living?

Sneako is expected to earn a net worth of around $300,000 from his career as a musician and Youtuber.

His YouTube channel presently has 1.22 million subscribers. Sneako gained popularity on TikTok by posting stand-up comedy videos and in-person interviews, but not everyone liked what they saw.

He started a series called One Minute Podcast where he would upload socio-political commentary and hot takes
Source : twitter

And the drama didn't end there; after defending social networking pioneer Andrew Tate upon his expulsion from Meta platforms, he drew attention to himself.

His interrogation of the populace has caused several of his videos to become well-known, garnering millions of views and comments.

On both YouTube and TikTok, he is best recognized for his commentary and inspirational videos. In April 2013, the content producer started a YouTube account where he posted gameplay videos of well-known video games.

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