Solea Pfeiffer's parents are Rachel Chapman and James Pfeiffer. They are anthropologists at the University of Washington.

Unlike Solea’s dad James, who is white-German-Scottish, Rachel is an African American. Solea is of mixed ethnicity because her parents are of different races.

The actress and a singer by profession gained prominence from her role as Eliza Hamilton in the first national tour of Hamilton. Also, she appeared in West Side Story as Maria in Hollywood Bowl.

Pfeiffer made her most recent appearance in American Drama A Jazzman's Blues. Her promising parents and family have supported her in skyrocketing her career.

Solea Pfeiffer's Parents: Rachel Chapman and James Pfeiffer

Solea Pfeiffer, age 28, was born to her parents, Rachel Chapman and James Pfeiffer. They are college sweethearts from the University of Washington.

It would not be unfair if we say she hails from a family of anthropologists; her mom and dad both are anthropologists with years of experience.

Rachel was adopted, and even if she is unknown to her birth parents and their ethnicity, she celebrates her birthday on September 23.

Pfeiffer's father, James, and her mother, Rachel, have been together for decades. Their love seems to have no endpoint.

Solea Pfeiffer celebrating Christmas with her whole family in December 2015.
Solea Pfeiffer celebrating Christmas with her whole family in December 2015. ( Source : instagram )

The actress’s father, James, is available on Instagram as @jamespfeif. He has few posts and followers, unlike his daughter.

Rachel is also available on Instagram @rrchapman. Her profile is private, with 180 followers but 3745 pots; she must post adorable pictures of her family.

James’s social media platforms are filled with pictures of his loving wife, Rachel, and daughter Solea. More so, he seems to be a profound lover of nature; he captures snowy mountains, green hills, and lake views.

Furthermore, the actress rarely speaks of her family. Thus nothing is known about their history. She hasn't revealed anything about her brother or sister so yet.

Pfeiffer Belongs To A Family of Mixed Ethnicity and Races

Solea Pfeiffer’s parents were traveling in Zimbabwe for work when Solea was born. Rachel and James, being anthropologists were health a related project in Mozambique, near Zimbabwe.

Even though she was born in Zimbabwe, Solea has American nationality, as her parents have the same. Her parents hail from Seattle but have traveled to several places for work.

Her mom, Rachel, is an African American, while her dad James is white-German-Scottish. Solea has mixed ethnicity, as her parents belong to different races themselves.

Solea Pfeiffer dressed up in Interior NYC for Almost Famous The Musical 2022.
Solea Pfeiffer dressed up in Interior NYC for Almost Famous The Musical 2022. ( Source : instagram )

The actress finds her mixed ethnicity fascinating in the showbiz realm. In an interview with Los Angles Times, she stated that mixed race had given her a push for both diversity and authenticity in casting.

For a fact, Solea is not Asian but, indeed, is biracial. Even though her mother’s heritage is unknown, she is sure of being African from the maternal side.

The Phenomenal Star Is a Single Child of Her Parents

In the drama A Jazzman's Blues, actress Solea Pfeiffer does not have any siblings, but she shares her parent’s love with two fur babies, Golden Retrievers.

Her parent’s social media feeds are loaded with Solea and her pet dog’s pictures. They are seen roaming in snowy mountains.

Not just dogs but Solea’s life partner and her boyfriend, Kevin Csolak, also have her parent’s love and blessings. The couple has been dating since 2020.

Solea was four when she started taking violin classes after watching a movie named The Red Violin. She grew up playing violin in middle school and high school.

Pfeiffer spent her childhood in Seattle and moved to New York in her teenage year to gain further education. She earned a BFA degree from the University of Michigan and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.