Sondra Theodore, an American model, who dated the founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner claims that she was got into drug consumption by her former boyfriend. Let's see the story of the woman who saw what goes inside the playboy mansion.

People are wondering about Sondra after they saw her in the recent episode of Secrets of Playboy. Many questions are unanswered about her drug use and the adverse effect that was brought upon her.

She has claimed that her life was measurable when she was in a relationship with Hugh because she was involved in all sorts of things ranging from drugs to sex. She claimed Hugh for pushing her on the wrong path.

Sondra Theodore Teeth Appearance Amid Drugs Use Claims

There are some rumors and speculations regarding Sondra's teeth and the effects of drugs on them; however, in the latest appearance, her teeth seem to be fine and have no problem.

Nonetheless, it is also possible that she is using fake teeth instead of real ones. It is known that some drugs have an adverse effect on teeth, and she has confessed that she used to do drugs when she was in a relationship with Hugh.

Thus, it is hard to gainsay that she might be using fake teeth now. She is 65 years old woman, and her teeth seem to be perfect for her age. She can be seen discussing the wildness and ruthlessness that goes on in the playboy mansion.

She also confessed that she was a drug mule for Hugh; she used to go to the sellers and brought cocaine. In the show, Sondra said that she was fully manipulated by Hugh to do things as per her wish.

What Is Up With Hugh Hefner Girlfriend's Face?

Besides teeth, there are also questions regarding Hugh's former girlfriend; however, there is nothing abnormal in her face, so this must be some kind of misjudgment on the viewers' side.

Theodore still looks beautiful in her old age. She witnessed one of the most influential men in his prime. Everyone in the world knows about the extravagant life of Hugh Hefner.

However, behind the wall of the playboy mansion, some ruthless things were going on, as per many people. Sondra also told that she used to hire women for Hugh. There are many disturbing facts.

Many people argue that the talks about Hugh are biased because everyone is saying only one side of the story, and no one knows about Hugh's side. Th