Sonny Dichiara is a player for Auburn Tigers in the NCAA.
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The Auburn Tigers player Sonny Diciara is a regular first baseman for his team. He currently is an NCAA player who has a body built for the sports. Nicknamed "Thicc King" and "Sonny Di", the player is very famous among the local Auburnians.

The measurements of the baseball player have been a topic of interest among fans as of late. Here is a look at the stats of the player as well as his personal and professional life.

What is Sonny Dichiara Weight? Height and Measurements

Sonny Dichiara, the Auburn Tigers' first baseman weighs 263 pounds or 119 kg. The NCAA player is 6'1" tall and is a huge dude with a bright future ahead of him.

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The baseball player has a body that is literally made for the sports. He is one of the most promising prospects coming out of the Tigers' squad and is eyeing a place in the MLB.

Dichiara is a local Alabama boy who studied at Hoover High School in Alabama. He used to play baseball for his local high school team and later joined Auburn University, where he is a regular starter for their baseball team Auburn Tigers. Currently, he is studying in his senior year.


Sonny Dichiara Parents And Birthday Details

Sonny Dichiara was born to Mike Dichiara and his wife on July 29, 1999. The name of his mother is currently unknown. The baseball player has posted photos of his parents with him during his graduation.

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Mike is a baseball coach at Alabama, who is usually referred to as Coach Mike by the players in the locality. He is very supportive of his son and regularly attends the games Sonny plays. 

Sonny initially studied at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama where he used to play baseball in the NCAA. Later, he transferred to Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.


Meet Sonny Dichiara Girlfriend Gabrielle

Sonny Dichiara is in a romantic relationship with Gabrielle Cerasoli. They have been together since at least early 2018 as the baseball player posted in October 2018 wishing a happy 20th birthday to his girl.

Gabrielle is featured in many of Sonny's posts on his social media and she is also seen regularly in the games cheering for her boyfriend. The two seem to be very happy with each other. 

Moreover, Gabrielle is a registered nurse who currently works at Grandview Medical Center. She is on Instagram as @gabrielle.cerasoli. Likewise, Sonny has around 8K followers on his Instagram, @sonnydichiara.