Stephanie and Chris from Bridezilla were married in 2013. Some fans wonder what happened to the couple after the show.

Stephanie Gamble became quite a bride in the show to be remembered for many years. It was because of an intense moment at her bachelorette party. And many fans said that she was secretly a funny lady. 

As years have passed, many viewers of Bridezilla wonder if she is still together with her husband or if she got divorced like every other couple in the show. 

Stephanie And Chris From Bridezilla

Stephanie and Chris were one of the couples in Bridezilla. Despite various troubles during their wedding preparation, they got married.

Stephanie, the bride, was featured in three episodes then, while others usually get appearances in only two episodes. 

It has been almost a decade since their wedding, but fans still remember her from the bachelorette party. After taking a few shots of tequila, the to-be bride gets dragged by the drag queen into the bar. 

Before that, during the introduction, she could not remember her groom's name. She called him Stephen, while others called him Chris. The confusion made many people think that she was insensitive not to know the name of the person she was marrying. 

Stephanie introduces her groom Chris to the viewers
Stephanie introduces her groom Chris to the viewers ( Source : youtube )

However, it was later found out when changing the wedding vows that his name was Stephen Christopher, and people called him Chris. In addition, some fans on social media mentioned that since he was in the military, many people called each other by their last names. 

When talking about their relationship, they shared on the show that it was love at first sight for Chris. The bride said that it was he who pursued her. 

Stephanie And Chris After The Show

Stephanie has been invited to WDEF News 12 studio for an interview after marriage. The host asked her why she would get featured in the show when the show was making fun of her, to which she replied that she had always liked the presentation and was excited when she found out that she would be appearing in it. 

In the show, she shared that they were expecting another baby. Gamble was in her early 20s when she was married, but it needs to be clarified whether she was already a mother to a child before her wedding to Chris. 

Stephanie in an interview with the host of WDEF News 12 in 2013
Stephanie in an interview with the host of WDEF News 12 in 2013 ( Source : youtube )

She joked that they do not have baby Zilla, but she gave them ideas about it, mentioning how they had fun with her for weeks in the wedding shoot and how fun it would be if it went for nine months. She added her husband would probably have difficult times during pregnancy. 

While the couple seemed happy in their married life, they have been away from the limelight for several years. Many couples of Bridezilla have ended up getting separated, but an update on their relationship is yet to be provided to their fans.

The pair do not have any social media handles, and they have not been seen on television since Bridezilla.