Former candidate Steve Pankey is under investigation for murder ( Source : Instagram )

Steve Pankey is again called for trial as he is the suspect in Jonelle Matthews' murder. The judge has still not passed the verdict in the case.

Steve Pankey will be represented by Peter Harris and Jessica Brazil, two attorneys. His subsequent court date is set for June 3.

Pankey's first trial, held last fall, resulted in a mistrial because the jury could not agree on a judgment, and a new five-week problem will start on October 4.

Following a judge's approval of the public defender's office's attorneys' withdrawal from the case on Thursday due to irreconcilable differences with Pankey, Pankey may represent himself in the subsequent trial.

Steve Pankey Trial Update - Was He Found Guilty Of Jonelle Matthews's Murder?

Steve Pankey is again called for trial with a new attorney, although he was not found guilty of Jonelle Matthews' murder case.

Anthony Viorst, Pankey's counsel in the initial trial, resigned after the proceedings citing his limited practice and advanced age. In November, the public defender's office took over Pankey's defense.

Former Idaho governor candidate Steve Pankey investigated in 1984 killing
Former Idaho governor candidate Steve Pankey investigated in 1984 killing( Source : Cloudfront-Us-East-1 )

Pankey declared he wanted to enter a not guilty plea to the accusations of first-degree murder and second-degree kidnapping despite not having an attorney present during the hearing on Thursday.

The court must schedule a trial date within six months of a defendant pleading not guilty. Pankey is now in detention; thus, he still qualifies for a court-appointed council.

However, a judge warned Pankey that entering a not guilty plea and beginning the clock that would force them to schedule a trial could make it challenging to locate him a new lawyer who could catch up with the case and adequately represent him.

Steve Pankey Age And Verdict

Many reports on the web suggest that Steve Pankey's age is 70, and he is waiting for the verdict from the judge in the murder case.

The judge said that if a lawyer could not be found to defend Pankey at his subsequent trial, Pankey could represent himself, albeit the judge cautioned Pankey about the dangers of doing so.

If Pankey represents himself, the court may appoint a person to counsel him during the trial regarding the legal process. Still, the designated person may not represent Pankey.

If Pankey decides to represent himself, Rourke said his office must figure out a method to provide Pankey access to this evidence while abiding by the jail's rules.

Mistrial declared on murder, kidnapping charges in Jonelle Matthews case
Mistrial declared on murder, kidnapping charges in Jonelle Matthews case( Source : Media )

In addition, Rourke said he intends to submit motions asking that evidence excluded from the first trial be admitted in the second trial, saying that the rules of evidence have changed as a result of a recent Supreme Court decision.

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Steve Pankey Is A Suspect In Jonelle Matthews's Murder

In 1984, Steve Pankey was charged with the murder of Jonelle Matthews. He was accused of making false reports, and the jury convicted him.

The jury that decided Pankey's fate, accused of being involved in the 1984 death of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews, could not agree on the most severe charges.

After more than two weeks of testimony in Weld County, where the prosecution claimed that Pankey's comments implicated him as her killer, the jury's deliberations started on November 2.

Pankey has already served more time in prison, and his lawyer predicted he would be given credit for it. Prosecutors must choose whether to hold a second trial against him on the other counts.

After a Christmas concert, Jonelle was dropped off at her Greeley home on December 20, 1984, and it was the last time anyone saw her. About an hour later, Jonelle wasn't there when her father arrived.

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