Tasia Zalar is an emerging actress from Indigenous background. ( Source : Marieclaire )

Tasia Zalar, 29-30, is an indigenous Australian actress and musician. Let's check out more about the actress.

The Australian actress, Zalar, is known for her role as Shervorne Shields in Mystery Road, The ABC Series. The Queensland-born lady is from an indigenous background.

Audiences went crazy about her after her performance in the Mystery Raod. Her excellent acting skills made her on the nomination list for Most Popular New Talent at the Logic Awards for the character Shervorne Shields.

Likewise, the actress came on Elle Australia's List of 2019, a worldwide women's lifestyle magazine. The magazine aims at beauty, health, entertainment, and beauty. Besides acting. she loves to play football and involves in other sports activities.

29 years old actress has been working in the entertainment industry since 2009. She is on the way to success. Will she get to the peak of her success? let's find out.

Some Quick Facts About Tasia Zalar

NameTasia Zalar
Date of Birth1992
Active years2009-present
Birth placeCairns, Queensland, Australia

Some FAQs

What is Tasia Zalar's Height?

Tasia Zalar's actual height is still under the table. Probably, she is around 5 feet and 7 inches tall. In photos, the actress looks tall and slim. The height has been the plus point in her acting career.

Who Are Tasia Zalar's Parents?

Tasia Zalar has supportive parents. She has not disclosed about her parent's identity. The actress looks a private person who prefers to keep personal life secret.

Is Tasia Zalar Available On Wikipedia?

Yes, Tasia Zalar is avliable on Wikipedia. She has a summarized biography on it. She is an Indigenous Australian actress known for her role in the ABC series Mystery Road.

Is She Available On Instagram?

Yes, she is available on Instagram under the username @tasiazalar. She has 2.4k followers right now. Unfortunately, her account is not verified yet.



Tasia Zalar's Age And Height

Tasia Zalar, 29-30, is a tall actress who belongs to an Indigenous group in Australia.

The artist was born in 1992 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. However, she has not revealed the exact date of her birth. The beautiful actress started her career when she was 15 years old.

The actress was cast for the short film Nia's Melancholy, which aired at the 2009 Message Sticks Festival. Since childhood, Zalar has had an interest in acting and playing roles in dramas.

Tasia Zalar as a superhero movie to star in Apocalypse
Tasia Zalar as a superhero movie to star in Apocalypse ( Source : instagram )

During her college time, she used to perform in stage dramas. She used to spend several times in dramas. Fortunately, she got her dream job to be an actor. Her debut film was Uninhabited. The artist played the character of Coral.

Her beauty and height have been boon for Tasia. However, the actress has not revealed her height. She looks tall in the photos.

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5 Facts To Know About Tasia Zalar

The Australian actress has won Equity Ensemble Awards for Mystery Road in 2021. Since then, her performance has dragged the eyes of millions of audiences. Netizens took an interest in exploring every information regarding their personal and professional life. Are you ready to explore her life? Here are five facts about Tasia Zalar.

1. Tasia Zalar Belongs To Indigenous Parents

Tasia Zalar was born to Indigenous parents who lived in Australia.

The actress was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. She is of Gunggandji, Kaurareg, Gugu Thaypan, Gumugal, Wuthathi and Mualgal heritage. Gunggandji is an Aboriginal Australian people of the State of Queensland.

Likewise, Kaurareg is a Torres Strait Islander People of the Australian group, the traditional owner of Thursday Island. Mualgal (Mua people) are Indigenous Australian Torres Strait Island from Moa. Additionally, Wuthathi is the Aboriginal Australian people of the state of Queensland.

Her parents are supportive. Otherwise, she would not have achieved success at 15. However, the actress has not revealed her parent's identities on social media. Probably, she is a private person.

2. Tasia Zalar Has A Wikiepdia Biography

Tasia Zalar has a summarized biography on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia introduces her as an Indigenous Australian actress and musician known for Shevorne Shields. Netizens noticed her in the ABC series Mystery Road as Shervorne Shields. 

The young and talented actress was listed on Elle Australia in 2019. She was involved in sports like football and marngrook with the North Cairns Tigers during her college. Later, she migrated to Melbourne when she turned 19.

Her first film was Nia's Melancholy (a short film), where she played the main character of Nia. Likewise, she had the role of Coral in Uninhabited in 2010. Consequently, Zalar appeared in The Straits as Bridget Titui in 2012. Similarly, she played the character of Jianna Rieley in Wentworth in 2014-2015.

The actress was nominated for Logie Awards for the Most New Talent. Furthermore, she appeared in The Warriors (2017) as Ava and Get Krack! n (2019) as Willow.

3. The Actress Is Active on Instagram

Tasia Zalar is active on Instagram under the username @tasiazalar. Unfortunately, her account has yet to verify.

Currently, the actress has only 2,443 followers. She has uploaded 114 posts on her Instagram account. The Lady prefers to share her professional life rather than her personal life.

Tasia Zalar posted a picture on Instagram
Tasia Zalar posted a picture on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

She shared a photo of a lion on August 30 and captioned it, "The lion does not turn around when the small dog barks." Likewise, she chose the impromptu modeling of Irene Robinson's beautiful millinery on July 9.

4. She Is A Musician and Music Producer

Music is another means of expression for Tasia. It has consistently been a background presence. 

She constantly reflects on it and is confident. She knows she will soon be successful with her musical talent. She also adores visual arts, and colors truly excite her. As long as she has a creative outlet of my own, she is good.

The actress is confident in music as she is in acting. Music is a sensation of peace for her.

6. She Portrayed Patti Hill in Streamline 

The artist played Patti Hill in Streamline, an Australian sports drama film. Tyson Wade Johnston directed the film.

In an interview, Tasia said that Patti was a younger version of herself. She was confident she could pull it off after reading the script since Patti is a mature, sensible, grounded character who can think strategically.

Tyson, the director, was really insistent on her performance in the drama, Streamline. She wouldn't be shocked if he crafted the script with all the players in mind. 

A few months before filming Streamline, the actress joined the Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre when she filmed Season Two of Mystery Road.

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