Lauren and Julia are twin sisters who are professional models
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Tassie And Cassie Letterkenny actors are Julia and Lauren Burch. Tassie And Cassie first appeared in the show in 2019.

The twins have appeared in three episodes of the show. They have a similar amount of screen time, and both were part of the show until 2021.

The Burch sisters are models and internet personalities by profession. However, they got the chance to boast their acting skill on a few filming projects, one of which was Letterkenny.

Apart from the hit comedy series, Julia and Lauren have starred in the 2017 horror short movie 3:12. They are loved for their on-screen acting, but the audiences prefer their work as models.

Who Are Tassie And Cassie Letterkenny Actors?

Tassie And Cassie in Letterkenny are played by the twin sisters Lauren and Julia Brunch. Tassie And Cassie appeared in the four episodes of the show.

The twin sisters are most famous for their joint business and respective modeling careers, but they were equally loved for their roles in Hulu's comedy series Letterkenny.

The sisters started their careers as competitive dancers, and they used to appear together most of the time in pairs. However, in 2014 Julia decided to switch professions and transform herself into a model.

Lauren and Julia are twin models from Ontario, Canada
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 Her sister also couldn't hold back for much longer as she decided to follow in the footsteps of her twin and become a fashion model.

As a result, they have become popular models who are known for their exotic fashion and photoshoots.

Among these two, Lauren is more into cosplay and can be spotted transforming herself into various fictional characters on Instagram. Julia is also into cosplay, but she has limited such content posted online compared to her sister.

The pair co-owns gaming merchandise named Gloom-E-Girl, selling various gaming and fashion accessories dedicated to gamer girls.

5 Facts On Lauren and Julia Burch

  1. Lauren and Julia Burch are identical twins who are natives of Ontario, Canada. They are one of the most popular internet personalities in their hometown.
  2. The twin sisters celebrate their birthday every year on December 7. They turned 22 earlier this month, and as a celebration, they posted the same picture on their respective Instagram handle with caption #22.
  3. The sisters started their careers as dancers and transitioned into models in their late teens. Julia realized she wanted to become a model at 14, whereas Julia began modeling at 18.
  4. The twins co-own a fashion brand by the name of Gloom-E-Girl. They sell various gaming accessories and fashion items via the brand's dedicated Instagram handle.
  5. The Burch sisters possess French and Dutch ancestors. Their French ethnicity is because of their mother, and they gained Dutch property from their father's side.

The Burch sisters celebrate their birthday every year on December 8
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