Tatiana Zappardino is an actress and writer from San Diego
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The Newday USA Blonde Spokesperson, Tatiana Zappardino, aged 33, recently got cast as Tina in the Paramount+ series Tulsa King. 

The Wrap reported that the Sylvester Stallone starter is making rounds for its violent themes and curious cast. Zappardino plays the estranged daughter of Sylvester as the New York mafia capo Dwight who was found freedom after serving his jail sentence.

Viewers can watch the movie in theaters on November 13, 2022, as the project is the long-awaited comeback of the a-lister.

Who Is Newday USA Blonde Spokesperson Tatiana Zappardino?

Rumors are correct, as actress Tatiana Zappardino recently became the spokesperson for NewDay USA Veteran Home Loans.

The VA guaranteed service gets used by over seventy-five thousand veterans across the United States as they provide extremely low-interest rates for their customers when looking for home loans. 

Zappardino is the perfect candidate for the job as she has devoted her youth to the nation.

Her LinkedIn states she was a part of the US Marine Corps for eleven years, operating at the executive headquarters in 2013. Her job kept her busy with administrative tasks, including assignment letters, Force Preservation products, and accountability rosters.

Tatiana Zappardino posting a throw back picture during her time on the Marine Corps in 2018
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She supervised delegated takes and organized seminars with staff, resulting in higher morale and a more effective work environment.

Indeed, she also served as the Camp Commandant for a Command Post Exercise while letting her creative side thrive as an art director.

Later, she got promoted to public affair officer as she supervised a section of six personnel. Training and communications also fell into her lap as she responded to media requests for information with approved unified messaging from Headquarters Marine Corps Public Affairs.

Tatiana Zappardino Age and Height

Tatiana Zappardino, 33 years of age, is an American artist who stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

She comes from a humble family, and she always had the support of her Hispanic parents from San Diego, California. Her dreams remained immersed in becoming an actress as she dived head first at Jacksonville University to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre.

While studying at the school, she became a member of the Semper Fi Society and Improv Troupe as she graduated in 2011. 

At the same time, she spent a semester studying Irish Folklore and Music at the University of Limerick while dabbling in fencing as a fun outdoor activity. 

She spent less than a year with Jesco International, Ltd., Inc., where they performed ten shows a day to promote microfiber products. Her commute usually lasted around the New York and New Jersey area, as it was a temporary job between military commissioning and Basic School

Tatiana Zappardino dressing up as Khalessi Queen of Dragons in 2018
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Meanwhile, she kept her passion alive by interning at the Players Theatre, where she assisted in the production of Stone Soup and directed seven children to exercise their artistic abilities. 

During her time at the institution, she played with props, costumes, choreography, and music while coordinating with technical directors, managers, and crew members of the overall crew. She also took care of the backstage duties and took incentives when required.

In 2013, she sought higher studies when she enrolled in Kent State University to receive a Master of Arts, Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, graduating just three years later. She also learned a course in legal ethics from Liberty University. 

How Much Is Tatiana Zappardino's Net Worth?

As of 2022, the net worth of actress Tatiana Zappardino has an estimated net worth of more than $100k.

According to her IMDb page, she is a rising career in Hollywood as it began with her appearance as Cathy Whitehead in the television series documentary Your Worst Nightmare in 2017.

With 33 acting credits under her name, she has yet to make her smashing debut on a big-budget movie but has recurring parts as Tilly in Superstition and Tina Manfredi in Tulsa King.

But her roles are often confined to extras in projects such as Respectful Sketch Comedy, Remnant 13, and NCIS: New Orleans, to name a few.

Indeed, she does not discriminate based on the budget as she has partaken in numerous short movies and given them her full attention. 

Besides, her potential reaches far beyond just acting as she is indulged with writing and producing credits in Remembrance and Swiped while working as a casting director for Swiped.