The story of a Texas sheriff arrested for public hanging of cartel members is fake
The story of a Texas sheriff arrested for public hanging of cartel members is fake( Source : ifunny )

The story about a Texas sheriff getting handcuffed for hanging cartel members remains untrue for its ridiculous nature and computer-doctored images.

But people did not find it troubling to match the headlines to real-life events cops getting arrested has been a common topic in recent years.

After resident George Floyd's death, there has been a gap between the people and its protectors, as they do not believe in the system.

The event also sparked a chain reaction of race-related hate crimes, which came to light after the Black Lives Movement matter. 

In this month alone, many high-ranking officers have gotten charged with accusations of drug possession or even prostitution as they end up behind bars. 

It is especially embarrassing for the men as the people capturing them are their colleagues and friends, leading to a decline in their repuation.

Did A Texas Sheriff Get Arrested For Hanging Cartel Members?

The news featuring the Texas Sheriff, who got apprehended by the authorities for his encounter with cartel members, has no truth to it. 

Feds arrest over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members
Feds arrest over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members( Source : police1 )

The caption elaborated, saying that the man had to take drastic measures after his son got kidnapped by the mafia.

As the doctored image got uploaded to a meme page, we understood it was fake.

After doing a reverse search on the image, there were no matching stories, pointing to its absurdity.

Besides, the idea of clashes between the cops and the syndicates is nothing news as the Feds arrested over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members in March 2020.

The fearless agents entered the hotspot with guns and their helmets as they walked out with CJNG, a reputed member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, in handcuffs.

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Sadly, the gang controls one-third and two-thirds of the U.S. drug market, with perpetrators leaving piles of bodies on the streets and hanging from overpasses in Mexico. The decades-long rivalry would not get solved anytime soon as the mega-powerful leader is too tricky to get trampled.

Is The Fake News Debunked 2022?

The fake news of the police officer arrest from Texas got debunked as it got posted to an unreliable page by the name of the Ifunny.

Initially, the headline stated that it was a story by the reputed news outlet, the Wall Street Journal, leading many to accept its words. 

The magazine does not feature such articles, leading us to question its credibility. The audience played along with the joke while others did not get its sarcasm, saying that he did the right thing by murdering the unlawful people. 

In Mexico, cartels are hunting down police at their homes
In Mexico, cartels are hunting down police at their homes( Source : apnews )

Indeed, the images even sparked a discussion about the growing cartel rings in the States, with many citizens unleashing their wrath about its traumatic potential and unstable brutality.

They were adamant that the organization needed to get stopped as they are usually known for crimes like drugs and human trafficking with murders and assassinations. 

Users also expressed their glee in having somewhat of a hero as it was what the nations needed for the time being.

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Meanwhile, the picture and the man are unrelated to the headline as such headlines do not exist.