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Thatoneguy.tt is a familiar name on the social media platform, Tiktok. Recently, it is filled with comedic videos of the content creator. Here, we take a look at the personal information and details about the viral sensation.

That One Guy is a viral Tiktok sensation. His videos are usually viewed hundreds of thousands of times. There are also many reaction videos of his content. The videos also have many funny and nice comments complimenting his works.

The rise in popularity of the man with the funny face has made people wonder about the real name and biography of the Tiktoker. So, let's know more about the viral guy and his origin.

Who Is Thatoneguy.tt on Tiktok? Video Reaction

That One Guy, aka thatoneguy.tt is a content creator on Tiktok. He mostly produces comedic short videos on the social media platform.

The content creator is most famously known for his "That's my Grandma" video, where he lip syncs to the dialogue from the animated movie, Moana. He hilariously jumps and makes weird faces while delivering the dialogue "I ate my Grandma".

The viral Tiktoker is recently trending on the platform for his content which is filled with humor. His videos have been a topic of discussion on the video-sharing platform, with many views and comments.

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Moreover, That One Guy has also posted videos of himself reacting to the comments people make on his content. His reactions are usually witty and filled with more humor. 

What Is Thatoneguy.tt Real Name?

The real name of thatoneguy.tt on Tiktok is Curtis. However, there is no information about his last name.

That One Guy's
That One Guy's "That's my Grandma" video has been played 4.2 million times on Tiktok.

Curtis is a funny guy who has been making comedy videos on Tiktok. His face is one of the most expressive elements of his videos. He usually shoots a close-up of his face and makes it appear like of an animal.

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Also, in some of the videos, the Tiktoker has used filters to make his face resemble a fox. He is riding on the momentum he gained from his viral video and is now a famous content creator whose each video is watched hundreds of thousands of times.

Thatoneguy.tt Age Details

The exact age of the Tiktok star, That One Guy is currently unknown. However, he seems to be in his late 20s to early 30s. 

Curtis also has a Youtube channel which he created in April 2022. He usually live streams videos of him playing video games. He enjoys playing games such as Apex Legends and Mortal Kombat. He is usually joined by his friends while playing online games.

Curtis also streams himself playing video games on Youtube.
Curtis also streams himself playing video games on Youtube.

The fan following of the Tiktoker is an example of the recent surge of popularity of comedic reactionary video trends on the social media platform. With over 220K followers and 3 million likes, he is gradually becoming one of the trending and popular content creators on Tiktok.