Dave Fishwick at the premiere of Netflix film 'Bank of Dave'
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Yes, The Bank Of Dave is still open and running its business. Burnley Savings and Loan opened in September 2011 with a Bank on Dave! slogan.

Director Chris Foggin and writer Piers Ashworth joined hands to cast Rory Kinnear in the feel-good comedy-drama Bank Of Dave. The camera focuses on a working-class man from Hunley who became a self-made millionaire.

He finds a mini-bus supplier business desperate for loans as his primary customer. 

It was a profit on both sides as he decided to help the community by starting the bank of the film’s title. Except for the basic facts and names, the creators have taken the liberty to dramatize the real events, including the schemes by the banking elite to discredit Dave.

The rags to riches storyline is appropriate to incited Hollywood as they raced to bring his world to the silver screen. 

Finally, the biography found its home on Netflix, with its streaming initiated on the platform on Monday, January 16, 2023.

Is The Bank Of Dave Still Open and Running?

The Bank of Dave is still open and running but under a different name. They applied to become a UK-regulated bank with a wide range of products. 

Dave (right) is ecstatic about the Netflix series that tells his story from rag to riches
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The grant has yet to be approved, but they continue to make advances in the right direction. After officially opening doors on September 2011, the founder created a team to offer personal service and issue loans on a case-to-case basis.

They generate capital through a crowdfunding model where savings get endowed to the debtor. The person then becomes responsible for paying off the loans.

Indeed, they have grown exponentially, with three staff members expanding to highly experienced and qualified personnel that get praised for their friendliness.

The grant to become a UK-regulated bank is just one of many challenges as they hope to labor for the community and get run under their supervision.

Dave for ITV News with Nina Nannar in Jan
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Dave Fishwick True Story

Dave Fishwick is the founder and the genius behind the Bank of Dave. Fishwick is 51 years old.

Little known to most, he comes from a ramshackle house that had to get demolished, leaving school without a diploma in his hand. He scraped and saved his salary by working seven days a week carrying cement.

His persistence made him a garage owner as he eventually met his wife, Nicola. 

Nicola, Dave's wife (left) with Jo Hartley (right) who plays his wife in the movie.
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He told BBC Breakfast about how he got inspired to run the enterprise, saying his passion got marked by the minibus customers hoping for finance in the 2009s. The banks in business had stopped lending money, leaving the citizens struggling to pay their bills. 

In an interview with the Guardian, he talked about his dreams and how the world was against him. The lack of banking licenses stood in his way of legitimizing his company as he fought long and hard to run with the big boys.

He has yet to score his end goals, but he has not given up hope, getting more and more people on his side through media coverage.

What Is The True Story Behind The Series?

The Netflix series, The Bank of Dave, is based on the true events faced by Burnley Savings and Loans Limited.

The story begins with a man, the founder David Fishwick, who sought to reform the banking system. England was in the middle of a financial crisis as he felt the traditional banks were not lending enough capital to fulfill the crises of small businesses. 

On the other hand, the initiator had already assembled a team and was helping the needy by taking risks.

He became their savior after putting his money on the line. After six months, they finally began making a profit but gave it all to charity. 

Bank of Dave was founded by Dave Fishwick 2011
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Although they were allowed to have limited resources, they had surpassed 30 million euros in subsidized loans. 

The media had been watching closely to report on its downfall since it began with a Channel 4 series of the same name. More Scottish BAFTA-winning episodes and books followed, talking about how they achieved the unthinkable. 

Between fame and fortune, Fishick has never stopped his quest to reform English law, lobbying parliament to change the system. He gained the support of shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna MP, who understood his passion for the sake of others. 

Politician Steve Baker also gave his thumbs up, saying it was the future of their nation.