Travis Milne and Rachel Bles in the movie The Clue to Love
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The Clue to Love cast includes Rachel Bles and Travis Milne in lead roles. The Clue to Love filming location is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The one-hour-and-a-half-long movie got directed by Graeme Campbell, while Aimee Pitta wrote the script. The story followed the comedy romance genre as Reel One Entertainment, and CME Summer Productions joined hands to release the best versions for the audiences. 

Although the project never got its rotten tomatoes rating, viewers have given it good reviews, with one user calling it engaging. The main story follows the classic blueprint, but the secondary love story steals hearts too. The leads were made for each other as the great chemistry between the two actors made it a pleasant watch. 

The unseen emphasis on feminine friendships was a breath of fresh air, as the cast was the only reason for its success. 

The Clue to Love Cast List

The Clue to Love cast includes Rachel Bles and Travis Milne as lead actors. Richard Fitzpatrick and Kyra Harper also appear in the movie.

The reviewers have made their choice, giving the cast of The Clue to Love, also known as Paper Hearts, a five-star rating.

Oftentimes, the story has outstanding prospects, but the crew needs to catch up on their delivery, ruining a hit project. But the actors in Paper Hearts have made the hour-long entertainment even more enjoyable with their perfect chemistry. 

Here is a list of the primary cast members. 

Rachel Bles as Audrey Harper

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The beautiful blonde-haired goddess Rachel Bles plays the protagonist Audrey Harper in the film.

She is a writer and ambitious journalist looking for her next article. She gets tasked to write about the history of Hope Cove, where she meets the brilliant Editor in Chief, Morgan Cooper.

She is a ball of sunshine, not even batting an eye at his rude remarks.  

Travis Milne as Morgan Cooper

Travis Milne is a high-profile Red Deer College graduate
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The handsome yet grumpy editor-in-chief Morgan Cooper gets embodied by 36-year-old Travis Milne.

But his knack for writing left him with a foul personality as he is not welcoming to a stranger to his local town. He is reluctant to let Audrey follow him around, getting annoyed when she steers the conversation from the matters at hand.

But even he cannot resist her adorable smiles, warming up to her nature. It was a matter of time before he began cooking for her, praising her writing, and even asking her to stay with him.

Kyra Harper as Aunt Fanny

Kyra Harper in Season 2 of Running With Violet
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Aunt Fanny, played by the brilliant Kyra Harper, is another elder who knows all the secrets.

As someone who understands her true personality of Morgan, she encourages Audrey not to give up on him. She also introduces the myth of the mystery columnist Ask Aunt Hope which intrigues her to add it to her article. 

Richard Fitzpatrick as Clifton Cooper

Richard Fitzpatrick in A Very Merry Mix-Up (2013)
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Richard Fitzpatrick perfectly portrays Senior Cooper as he embodies the essence of a warm father.

He hands over the reins of the publication to his prodigal son, Morgan but is not too happy about his deteriorating mood swings. He even politely asks the new writer to try her magic on him.

Despite his words, he is the first to sing his praises, saying how his son got the Pulitzer prize for the local paper. 

The Clue to Love Filming Locations

The Clue to Love filming locations majorly Hamilton, Ontario. The movie was shot in different locations in Canada.

According to IMDb, the majority of the filming for The Clue to Love took place in 

The port city, with a population of half a million people, remained located in the middle of Ontario with an abundance of inspiring places to see.

Production houses for projects like The Boys, The Handmaid's Tale, The Umbrella Academy, The Queen's Gambit, Shazam! and Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities took their cameras to the municipality as they boast of being one of the buzziest places in the province.

It is adaptable, diverse, gritty, and beautiful, captivating the crews with its wide range of excellent hotels, accommodations, and restaurants available for use.

Sanford Ave S Hamilton location
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Indeed, the small town filled with big city backdrops is perfect for Hope Cove as the locals are accommodating to nearby shooting processes. The metropolis has a separate website called the Hamilton Filming Locations, where they cited the areas for cinematography. 

The first is Sandford, a one-in-a-lifetime winery built in the 1900s with ample charm. Bowman's Court and Old Church are just as charming as the multipurpose uses, and the delightful atmosphere makes them perfect for a variety of scenes. 

The Clue to Love was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario
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When Is The Clue to Love Going To Be Released?

There is no need to wait for the Canadian movie descended on the cinemas a year ago in 2021.

Indeed, interested viewers may have missed their chance to watch the film on the big screen but have another opportunity to watch the conclusion of their story. For Amazon Prime users, the movie is open to rent for almost five dollars a month, while buying would cost you 9.99 dollars. 

There are also provisions of gift cards and promotions that give the user a much-needed discount. 

Aubrey Harper in The Clue to Love
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On the other hand, they can head to UPtv, the home to positive programming with relatable stories of love, laughter, and relationships. The network is available to local service providers with connections in over 70 million homes on various cable systems in the States. They do not charge a fee as the only payment remains associated with the cable or satellite bill to the providers who have included UPtv in their channel listing.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer for the 2021 romance comedy got released in May 2021 and has accumulated about half a million views on Youtube.

The clip opens with an up-and-coming writer Audrey Harper contemplating if she should join Hope Cove for her new article, where she knew of a handsome Editor in Chief Morgan Cooper.

They butt heads from the first meeting when he assumes her to be a mere food delivery girl. In reality, she got hired by his father to bring him on the right track. 

The Clue to Love Trailer
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At first, he remained reluctant to let her shadow him but showed her around town to introduce her to the folks. They grow close in search of the columnist behind Ask Aunt Hope, starting to fall for each other while praising the others' writing. 

The suspense about the true identity of the columnist remains, as the audiences wonder if the two opposites would up together or not.