The Cuphead Show is a prequel to Cuphead video game.
The Cuphead Show is a prequel to Cuphead video game.( Source : inkwellislesstore )

The Cuphead Show on Netflix is a prequel to the original game Cuphead developed by Studio MDHR.

First launched on XBOX 1 in 2017, the Candian game follows two brothers Cuphead and his brother Mugman doing the devil's work after the deal with the devil goes wrong.

Following the game's popularity, an animated series based on the indie platforming game, The Cuphead Show was reportedly on its way to Netflix.

 In 2019, Hollywood Reporter claimed the show is a collaboration of the studio and King Features Syndicate, a part of Hearst Entertainment and Syndication, with Netflix.

The animated show premiered on Netflix earlier this year in February after 8 months since the streaming platform dropped its first teaser in July 2021.

The Cuphead Show is Cuphead Game's Prequel

Netflix's The Cuphead show is a prequel to the 2017 animated indie platforming game Cuphead.

The rumors of a Netlfix show based on the indie game circulated in 2019. That was later confirmed when Netflix presented The Cuphead Show at Annecy Animation Festival in 2020.

Netflix Animation's The Cuphead show, is executively produced by the creators duo from Studio MDHR, CJ Kettler from King Features Syndicate and Dave Wasson. While, Cosmo Segurson is the co-executive producer.

The executive producers Dave Wasson and Cosmo Segurson hinted The Cuphead Show was a prequel to the "run and gun" video game at the festival.

Wasson claimed the show focuses on the relationship of two brothers and their interaction with other people, not just the shooting of people, as mentioned in Polygon.

The Cuphead Show is claimed to be a prequel  by the show's producers.
The Cuphead Show is claimed to be a prequel by the show's producers. ( Source : wall )

Segurson claimed the show would be a mix of known characters and locations with new elements added to create a story. And for that, his team made the show as a prequel to the game.

 “Not to give away any spoilers, but figuring out that relationship between Cup and Mugman and the characters that everyone’s familiar with in the game, and giving them a voice and giving them a backstory. That’s been a really fun challenge for the team.”

Since the show primarily focuses on brothers on a quest to get the devil off their backs, providing a glimpse of their backstory will show how they had the devil on their backs in the first place.

Some Redditors had this to say about the show being canon or not.

'I think it may be a prequel to the game just because the cups hadn't seen ghosts in the show but seem fine in the game. The boys also don't have the finger guns. The show could also be nom-canon and just be a bit of fun in a separate universe."

 Another user had to say this about the show "Think of it as it’s own canon for now. Though it might become canon. Maybe."

Indie Platforming Video Game Cuphead

Cuphead is a Candian animated video game developed and published by Studio MDHR on XBOX 1 circa 2017.

The Studio MDHR game, created by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, received worldwide acclaim for its animation inspired by the

Walt Disney Animation Studios and the rubber hose style, the first style standardized by the American animation field.

Cuphead sold more than 4 million copies and earned itself some accolades. It won the best independent game award at the 2017 Game Awards and a BAFTA Games award for its music.

Cuphead is a video game launched by Studio MDHR on XBOX 1.
Cuphead is a video game launched by Studio MDHR on XBOX 1. ( Source : nintendo )

The video game is based on the main character Cuphead, who, as his debt to the devil, has to possess the souls of the runaway debtors with his brother, Mugman, after losing a gambling game at the devil's casino.

Its spin-off show, The Cuphead Game, on Netflix, has been built with the game's original plot.

In the game, the brothers have to fight through various bosses, earning powers and abilities along the way. Likewise, the creators of shows have also tried to integrate those bosses into the game.

Will The Cuphead Show Have a Season 4?

Viewers are left to speculate if the Cuphead Show will have a 4th season or if the show has run its time.

The Netflix animation show, which first premiered on February 18 this year, is back with its third season on November 18.

Based on the 2017 Studio MDHR video game Cuphead, the show has released all three seasons in a single year.

Now that the third season is available for viewers to enjoy, Netflix is yet to make any announcements regarding the show's fourth season. Is it likely the show's getting canceled?

Is The Cuphead Show canceled OR there is going to be a season 4?
Is The Cuphead Show canceled OR there is going to be a season 4? ( Source : wall )

Animation Magazine, from an interview with the Netflix show, claims the show initially was planned for 36 episodes that would premiere over three separate drops and presented as two or three parts.

Netflix released the third season last Friday with eleven episodes, previously releasing the second season with twelve episodes and the first with thirteen, which sums up to a total of 36 episodes.

Furthermore, the show also had a concluding finale in the latest season's last episode. So the chances are the show is getting canceled.

What's On Netflix has also hinted at the show concluding after season 3 since it would be completing its initial run in the latest season.

Netflix could still renew the show for the fourth season after reviewing the audience's response to the third. Although, for now, there won't be a fourth season and the show might be coming to an end.