The Gift of Peace is Hallmark's Christmas will air on Hallmark channel
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The Gift of Peace is a movie filmed in the Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. The movie premiered on the Hallmark Channel on December 10, 2022.

This Christmas movie carries a different vibe than usual films produced by Hallmark.

The cast and crew of the movie have given several interviews expressing their views towards the film, which has built so much excitement for the viewers to binge-watch it with their families.

It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the movie's lead character, Traci, who used to be a devoted Christian, had lost all her hopes in god because her husband passed away following a tragic accident.

She then gets support from other church members, and the story gradually moves forward while the characters share an emotional and lovely bond.

Where Was The Gift of Peace Filmed?

The Gift of Peace is a Hallmark movie primarily filmed in British Columbia, Canada. It features Nikki Deloach as Traci in the lead.

Hallmark Movies follows a unique tendency while selecting a filming location. Most of the time, the site they choose is situated in the southwest corner of British Columbia, especially the Vancouver area.

The movie has scenic locations and snowy backgrounds to create Christmas vibes
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The movie's premise is set during the Christmas celebration. For that reason, we can see many Christmas trees and surroundings covered in snow in the movie's trailer.

The movie makers have also given a sneak peek of the set design of the movie. They have dedicated a minute and five seconds video where the lead characters discuss their role in the film while giving a set tour.

Meet The Gift of Peace Cast

The Gift of Peace cast consists of talented actors who can add magic to whatever character they portray in a movie.

Some of such actors who have played the role of lead characters are listed below.

Nikki Deloach As Traci

Nikki Deloach is a talented actress who has been working in the movie industry since 1993
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The movie revolves around the problems faced by Traci, and it ends with those gradually being solved with the help of proper guidance from her group. She is grieving her husband's passing even after two years, and she finds a church group who have been in a similar phase.

These people help Traci to overcome the pain she is experiencing and show her a ray of hope so that she can enjoy life with happiness again.

The actress Nikki Deloach, who portrayed the character of Traci, is one of the best actresses to ever work with Hallmark movies. She has been working in the industry since 1993, making her one of the most experienced individuals on the team.

Brennan Elliott As Michael

Brennan Elliott is a talented actor and producer from Canada
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Michael is another lead character in the series and the leader of the Church group we discussed earlier. He coordinates between five group members and helps them find a new hope to relive their life.

Brennan has done a fabulous job of bringing the character to life in the movie. He is an experienced lad, having worked on such projects since 1991.

Princess Davis As Regina

Princess Davis can be seen as Regina in the new Hallmark Christmas movie
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Regina is of the church group members that has five people in total. She is a supporting character who constantly consoles Traci and tries to ease her life's problems.

The actress Princess Davis, who portrayed the character of Regina, is one of the emerging actresses from Canada. She is a native of Toronto and has been active in the entertainment industry since the age of five.

Besides these lead actors, there are other supporting characters in the movie. They are listed below.

  1. Shiraine Haas as Katherine
  2. Pete Graham as Gary Fremont
  3. Brittany Mitchell as Melody

When Does The Movie Release?

This Christmas movie will be released on December 10, 2022. It will premier at channel Miracles of Christmas event.

Gift of Peace is anticipated to be one of the best Christmas movies released this year. With the combined effort of all the crew members involved in this movie, the out will be excellent.

Michael and Traci from The Gift of Peace Sharing a lovely moment together
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Its story revolves around a character who used to be a devoted Christian, but due to the unexpected demise of her husband, she has lost all hopes of life and god.

She is lost, and a church group of five comes into her life as a savior. The group comprises five members, including a team leader guiding people with similar problems toward finding joy in life.