Jordana Blake Is Also On The Star Trek
Jordana Blake Is Also On The Star Trek( Source : startrek )

11-years-old Jordana Blake is a child actress widely known for her appearance as Hannah Bankole in the TV series The Handmaid's Tale. Apart from that, Jordana has also played other child characters in series like The Umbrella Academy, KillJoys, and Blue's Clues and You.

Handmaid's Tale is one of the highly rated sci-fi series, whose fifth season has recently launched. Blake has played the character of Hannah Bankole. She is a minor but very important character in the series.

Hannah was born before Gilead's ascent to power and was separated from her parents when the regime took power. Hannah resides an hour from her mom's house of assignment, and her foster parents are Mrs. MacKenzie and Commander, as revealed in later episodes.

She is eventually discovered to be Agnes MacKenzie. Many people admired Jordana's natural performance and applauded her for effectively portraying the character.

NameJordana Blake
ProfessionChild Actress
SiblingsMikaela Blake

Some FAQs

How Old Is Jordana Blake?

The Handmaid's Tale child actress is 11 years old. She was born in 2011.

Does Jordana Blake Have a Sibling.

Yes, The Handmaid's Tale child actress Jordana Blake has a sibling. She has a sister named Mikaela Blake, available as @mikaelablake__ on Instagram.

Where Is Jordana Blake From?

11-years-old The Handmaid's Tale child actress Jordana Blake is from Canada. She is available as @jordana_blake on Instagram.

Is Jordana Blake on The Handmaid's Tale?

Yes, Jordana Blake plays the role of Hannah on The Handmaid's Tale. She has also played on Star Trek: Discovery (2017) and Riot Girls (2019).

The Handmaids Tale Cast Jordana Blake Wikipedia

As per Wikipedia, 11-years old child actress Jordana Blake has appeared in various movies in a short period, and almost all of the movies and series she has been part of have been hits.

In the first season episode of Star Trek: Discovery, she played a Betarian resident of Corvan II. Jordana gave her greatest performance of the season, as predicted. 

She previously participated in an episode of Killjoys and numerous installments of the critically acclaimed miniseries The Handmaid's Tale before joining the cast of Star Trek.

Jordana Blake On The Series Umbrella Academy
Jordana Blake On The Series Umbrella Academy ( Source : www4 )

Jordana portrayed Lucy on Riot Girls; the plot revolved around a mysterious disease that killed off all the adults. In this new century, two gangs are pushed against one another in a deadly struggle for territory, resources, and survival.

Blake has also appeared on one episode of 2015's Good Watch as Kaitlyn. The child actress also played Young Allison during the start of the series Umbrella Academy.

Jordana Blake Is 11 Years Of Age

From a very young age, Jordana Blake has appeared in hit movies. When she was just 4, Blake appeared in the series The Umbrella Academy, and she played the character of Young Allison.

Till her current age, Jordana has almost appeared in half a dozen movies and series. Some of her famous movies are The Umbrella Academy, Star Trek, and The Handmaid's Tale.

Image From The Handmaid's Tale Season 4
Image From The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 ( Source : express )

Blake is fun to be with. One of her co-stars shared that despite her age, Jordana is a professional and is very fun to hang out with. When the young actor is not acting, she is constantly smiling, but as soon as her part starts, she gets her job done.

And as the year passes, Jordana is expected to improve a lot more; she is a promising child actor who will grow up as a strong, talented actress.

Because of her impressive acting skills, Jordana has never had a shortage of parts in films and series as of now. 

Jordana Blake Was Born To Supportive Parents

Jordana Blake is a child actor, so her parents make practically all of her decisions for her. Her mom and dad have played a crucial role in her career.

The actress will decide for herself after she reaches the age where she can make important decisions for herself. But as of now, her family members still have a huge role in her life.

Jordana's parents were not doubting her and were supportive of her because it was probably her mother and father who arranged various things for her. The young actress also has an Instagram account.

Luke, Hannah and June on
Luke, Hannah and June on "The Handmaid's Tale." ( Source : huffpost )

Her social media accounts are handled by her parents, like most child actors' mothers and fathers do. However, the name of Jordana's parents is yet to be revealed.

Jordana's Instagram has a lot of pictures of her and her co-stars, but there are very few pictures of her parents there. Nonetheless, because of their daughter's accomplishments so far, her parents are surely proud.

Jordana Blake Has A Sibling Named Mikaela Blake

Jordana Blake was not raised alone. She grew up alongside her sister Mikaela Blake. Mikaela is her older sister, who, as per pictures, looks just 2-3 years older than her.

Jordana and Mikaela share a loving sister relationship. As per Jordana's posts, they are like best friends. Mikaela is also available on Instagram, but currently, her account is private.

Both sisters look very alike; Jordana seems to have a more chubby face than her sister. They both look very gorgeous, and they have similar curly hairstyles.

Jordana On Her Instagram Captioned That She Has The Best Sister In The World
Jordana On Her Instagram Captioned That She Has The Best Sister In The World ( Source : instagram )

Mikaela began her training at The Second City in Toronto at the age of seven, having fun with improvisation. She has also trained for animation work with the renowned Sunday Muse of Great Big Voices, as well as vocally with Elaine Overholt and Chris Tsujiuchi of Great Big Voices.

On one of Jordana's Instagram posts, where both the sisters were hugging each other, she captioned that she loves her sister very much and that she has the best sister in the world.

The sisters also have a musical side. Back in 2017, when they were in Jamaica, the sisters were seen singing and playing an instrument. The song may be by Bob Marley.

More Interesting Facts About Jordana And Her Sister

Image Of Mikaela On When I Grow Up Launch Event
Image Of Mikaela On When I Grow Up Launch Event ( Source : youtube )

Jordana's Sister Is The Host Of When I Grow UP.

When I Grow Up is an informational series for TVO Kids created by Riverbank Pictures and starring Mikaela Blake. They based the needs analysis for the show on research showing that kids struggle to draw links between classroom STEM and future employment.

Jordana Also Had A Tutor During Covid.

COVID affected us all; it also affected their education of Jordana, but her parents hired a professional tutor for her so that she could study at home. She was seen studying with the tutor on her Instagram.

Jordana Is four years Younger Than Her Sister.

Jordana is just 11 years old, whereas her sister Mikaela is 15 at the moment, as per IMDB. Jordana followed in the footsteps of her sister Mikaela. But unlike Jordana, Mikaela is more famous for her voice part in the series The Magic School Bus Rides Again.