Netflix The Noel Diary was filmed in Manchester Memorial Hospital in Connecticut.
Netflix The Noel Diary was filmed in Manchester Memorial Hospital in Connecticut.( Source : youtube )

The Noel Diary was filmed in Manchester Memorial Hospital. It is a new Christmas romance coming on Netflix.

Directed by Charles Shyer from Private Benjamin and Father of The Bride, The Noel Diary was filmed around several locations in Connecticut, a U.S. state in the southern New England region.

The Noel Diary, a holiday romance based on a New York Times best-selling novel, is all set to release for this year's Christmas season.

The film has an ensemble of casts featuring This Is Us fame Justin Hartley and Bonnie Bedelia from Die Hard and Parenthood in the lead roles. It also stars James Remar, Essence Atkins, and Treat Williams.

The Noel Diary on Netflix Was Filmed in Manchester Like Many Other Movies This Holiday Season

The Noel Diary was filmed in Manchester and is a perfect watch for this year's holiday season.

Filmed throughout Connecticut in the Spring of 2021, Christmas arrived early for the people of Connecticut when their towns and businesses turned into winter wonderlands due to the pre-Christmas decorations and fake snow.

The Noel Diary was filmed across various locations, including Manchester Memorial Hospital, RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, the Griswold Inn in Essex, and the New Canaan town hall.

Andrew Gernhard, the executive producer for the movie, has been filming in Connecticut since 2000. Andrew, the founder of Rocky Hill’s Synthetic Cinema International, claims the film was the most extensive Christmas special he has ever done.

Filming amid Covid 19 restrictions was difficult for the crew, especially when there were scenes to be shot at Manchester Memorial Hospital.

The Noel Story is one the many movies filmed in Connecticut this year.
The Noel Story is one the many movies filmed in Connecticut this year. ( Source : yahoo )

According to Hartford Courant, Nina Kruse, spokeswoman for Eastern Connecticut Health Network, which runs Manchester Memorial Hospital, said a nursing unit, roof, and a parking lot were provided for the shooting.

The spokeswoman claimed a portion of their parking lot was covered with Hollywood snow while filming a scene. The areas chosen could not disturb hospital operations for the shoot on June 25 and 26 last year.

The film's producer, Andrew, said the Manchester Memorial Hospital was chosen for filming due to Covid-19 distancing restrictions. Andrew, at the time, was also producing another drama, Call Jane, shooting in Hartford Area.

Both films were to shoot at a hospital with shut-down parts that often remained unused. The options were Bristol and Manchester.

Call Jane got to shoot in Bristol even though both films were present in Bristol to shoot on the same day. The Noel Diary went on to shoot at The Manchester Memorial.

The Noel Diary and Call Jane aren't the only movies to be shot in Connecticut. It has become a popular spot for shooting Holiday movies, mostly Hallmark's, since 2021.

"Mr. Harrigan's Phone," "Candlewood," and "The Good Nurse" featuring Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain, shot in Connecticut this year. "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve." is another holiday movie, aside from The Noel Diary, filmed there.

Netflix's The Noel Diary is Releasing Amid Holidays

Netflix is on its way to releasing yet another holiday-themed movie, The Noel Story, a Christmas rom-com.

The Noel Diary is Netflix's adaptation of New York Times Best Selling Author Richard Paul Evan's novel of the same name.

The movie follows a best-selling romance novelist, Jacob Churcher, returning home to clean out his estranged mother's estate and finds a diary that may hold secrets from his past and of a mysterious young woman,

The Novelist Jacob Churcher is played by Justin Hartley, while the mysterious woman played by Barrett Doss might be Hartley's love interest in the film.

Netflix's The Noel Dairy is releasing on this holiday season.
Netflix's The Noel Dairy is releasing on this holiday season. ( Source : wltx )

It also features child artist Baylen Bielitz who plays a character named Benji, the younger brother of Jacob, played by Hartley. Bielitz previously starred in an episode of Disney+ hit Marvel superhero show “WandaVision”.

The film's director Charles Shyer is an oscar award nominee, nominated for his role as a screenplay writer in Private Benjamin (1980). he was among the writers for the Christmas movie alongside Rebecca Connor and David Golden.

Regarding production, it mostly took place in Stamford, Connecticut with additional shooting in Vancouver, Canada. Timothy O. Johnson of Johnson Production Group, Margret Huddleston, and Stephanie Slack are the movie's producers.

While Justin Hartley, Norman Stephens, and Andrew Gernhard are the executive producers.

The Noel Diary is set to release on 24 November 2022, on Netflix, mentioned as the “major tentpole Christmas movie” for Christmas 2022.