The Royle family is a Christmas themed British sitcom that aired on BBC from 1998 to 2012
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The Royle Family has a total of 25 Christmas episodes in its run since 1998 for 4 seasons and special episodes .

It is a British sitcom that ran from 1998 to 2000 with regular episodes and resumed again between 2006 to 2012 to broadcast special episodes. The show was produced by Granada Television for the Britsh Broadcasting corporation.

Despite being more than a decade older, it has impacted the audience's hearts and minds. They sit in front of the television to relieve the nostalgic moment once again whenever the festive season arrives.

The writer of the series, Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash, and Carmel Morgan, has given audiences a product they can enjoy with their family and have a great time with. The production value of the sitcom is not fancy.

Still, whenever the characters interact, the result always makes audiences giggle, and eventually, they end up experiencing a great moment.

All The Royle Family Christmas Episodes Ranked

The Royle Family has a total of 25 Christmas episodes featuring around on four seasons.

The 25 episodes of the sitcom are directed by talented individuals Mark Mylod, Steve Bendelack, and Caroline Aherne. Along with the directors, the series' actors also have done an equally fantastic job of matching the comic timing of the jokes and delivering the dialogue in every scene effortlessly.

On popular demand, we have made a list that ranks the episodes of this popular sitcom based on their IMDb rating. We have also mentioned the positive and negative aspects of episodes, so don't forget to complete the article to know more about The Royle Family.

1. The Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba is the top-rated episode of the sitcom as it was the 1st episode that aired after its return in 2006.

The episode starts with a scene where one of the sitcom's characters, Nana, can be seen lying in a bed following some health issue. She is now permanently in bed, and their family doctor prescribes a yellow medicine to ease her pain.

An still image from The Queen of Sheba where Barbara looks shocked
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In between scenes, there exist many moments that make fans chuckle. However, the episode ends on a sad note as Nana somehow slips and injures herself badly.

This episode had every kind of emotion and this was the beauty of it. Fans still go back to watch this marvel of creation whenever it is aired on television.  

2. Funeral

This episode was aired as the fourth episode of the third season which came first on TV on November 6 2000.

While the episode begins, it carries a sad tone as Nana, along with her friend Barbara is attending a funeral because her friend, Elsie, has passed away due to several health complications.

This episode features a storyline where Nana's friend has passed away
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Nana is obviously sad, but her quirky mind suggests going to Elsie's flat and taking her belongings, as the departed lady was living on her own.

However, Nana's behavior of upsets Jim, and he later goes on to frighten her by pretending to be  Elsie's ghost and asking her to return the things that belonged to Elsie.

3. Antony's Birthday

Antony's Birthday is the sixth episode of the third season which was aired for the first time on October 28 1999.

The episode features a moment of celebration as all the characters of the show have come to the Royle home to celebrate Anthony's 18th birthday. They are also excited to meet his new girlfriend, Emma, who has not been introduced to any of the show's characters.

Jim and his family have gathered together to celebrate Jim's birthday
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While all this is happening, Dave, another fun character, brings an unwanted gift in between the celebration, which brings a moment of joy to the audience. This episode also features Jim, an avid music lover, and while everyone is enjoying, he brings his banjo to bless everyone with his musical talent.

4. Wedding Day

Wedding Day is the last episode of the sitcom first season which was aired for the first time on October 19 1998.

This episode revolves around the wedding of Denise and Dave. The wedding day brings several chaoses among the character, bringing a moment of joy for the audience.

This episode features marriage of Jim and Denise
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As this was the first season's last episode, fans would only be able to experience the sitcom the following year, resulting in the audience liking it more than usual.

5. The Royle Family at Christmas

The Royle Family at Christmas is the last episode of the sitcom's third season that aired on December 25 2000.

This episode brings a Christmas vibe to the audience as the Royle Family is presented as they are enjoying the festival under the same roof. Everyone has a present for their loved ones, but Jim is annoyed as he receives no present.

In this episode all the characters came together to celebrate Christmas
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However, in the latter half of the episode, it is revealed that the family has brought him a present after all, and it was something that he needed for a long time, a subscription to SkyTV.

6. Decorating

Decorating is the third episode of the third season and it was premiered for the first time on October 30 2000.

The episode revolves majorly around two characters. While Jim decorates the living room, another character named Twiggy comes around to help Jim with the decoration. The characters also discuss Dave's problem with law enforcement.

This episode features a scenario where Twiggy and Jim decorate Jim’s bedroom
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In the latter half of the episode, Dave calls Jim and Twiggy and notifies them about Darren's new girlfriend. The gorgeous lady who has been attracted to Darren has a resemblance to Tina Turner, and the three characters are fascinated by this fact.

7. Joe's Crackers

Joe's Crackers is one such episode that was brought for the audience as a special episode carrying a Christmas theme.

This episode premiered for the first time on Christmas day in 2010. It carried a festive theme and acted as a reunion for the show's remaining characters.

This is one of the special episodes of the series
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It begins with a scene where Jim is incapacitated and needs assistance to move around in his wheelchair. Mary has left this world, so she cannot be present in the background, but Joe and Cheryl bring up her ashes to assert he presence in the celebration.

Another essential show character, Antony, is now rich and has reached the venue with his present nurse girlfriend, Saskia.

8. Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch is the second episode of the sitcoms second season which was telecast for the first time on September 30 1999.

The episode features a Sunday lunch where several characters interact with each other in a comedic fashion. When their views clash, it creates a moment of laughter for the fans making the episode more enjoyable.

The Royle family gathering together to enjoy their lunch
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It begins with Jim inviting Twiggy for lunch, and as soon as Twiggy leaves the premise, Jim complains about him accepting the offer to lunch together.

Dave and Denise also seem to have a conflict, as he wants her to quit smoking during pregnancy. Denise is also unhappy because Dave hasn't moved his moped out of the room, which is supposed to be the baby's room.

9. Barbara Finally Has Enough

Barbara Finally Has Enough is the fifth episode of the British sitcom's second season that aired on October 21 1999.

As the title suggests, in this episode, Barbara is fed up with the behavior of her husband, Jim, and she discusses the matter with Denise and storms out of the house. When Denise confronts Jim about the things that happened earlier, he uses her laziness as an excuse and continues doing what he was before.

In this episode, Barbara is fed up of Jim’s behavior
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However, when Barbara returns, he prepares a cup of tea for his wife and consoles her by promising to cook the next meal. However, the activities didn't go as per plan because the cooking time clashed with his darts night, and he is not willing to miss it. 

10. Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon is the third episode of the first season of the sitcom and it was telecasted for the first time on September 28 1998.

This episode featured one of the initial characters of the show, Nana. She is the old mother of Barbara and has come to her daughter's house to have tea. The old lady also has intentions of watching Denese in her wedding dress.

Jim gets annoyed of Nana because he can’t watch his favorite TV show
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In the latter half of the episode, Jim is joined by other men while washing dishes, but they ditch their work and jointly advance towards the living room to enjoy Antiques Roadshow on tv.

11. London

London is the fifth episode of the show's third season which was available for viewers on November 13 2000.

This episode is about Antony and Darren going to London on a music-centric business trip. However, there are several hurdles on the way to achieving his need to travel to the country's capital city.

This episode feature’s Anthony’s plan to go to London for business trip
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Jim mocks Antony, but his sister Denise stands up for his support. She also chatters several things about her father, saying he spilled an astray on himself.

The oldest lady in the house entered the toilet a while ago, and she doesn't show signs of coming out of it, but later she reveals that she is constipated. 

12. Christmas with the Royle Family

Christmas with the Royle Family is the last episode of the second season of the show and it was aired on December 25 1999.

It carries the theme of Christmas as every show's character gathers to celebrate the occasion. Denise is pregnant; she is on the verge of delivering a child. As the episode progresses, Denise's water breaks, but he father still advances to his room upstairs.

The Royale family celebrates last Christmas of 20th century
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During Christmas, the television of the Royle family ends up breaking, but surprisingly this year, the TV is fine, but Deniese has to be rushed to the hospital as she is about to give birth to a baby.

13. The Christening

The Christening is the sixth episode of the third season of the English sitcom that became available for viewers on November 20 2000.

In this episode, the characters are thrilled because it is the christening day of Denise's baby. For the big occasion, the baby's father has grown a goatee beard that suits his personality.

The family is exited for little Dave’s christening
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While all this is happening, Twiggy brings up his latest girlfriend and introduces her to everyone on the scene while Anthony and Emma make a big announcement.

14. Babysitting

Babysitting is the second episode of the sitcom's third season that was made available to the viewers on October 23 2000.

This episode features Jim and Barbara taking care of their grandchild as the parents of the baby had to go out to attend a karaoke night at their local club. When the parents return home, they are hungover and can't prepare breakfast themselves.

Jim looking after his grandson, Dave
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For that reason, Barbara makes them sandwiches and later observes Joe and Mary coming out of the taxi. They have returned from the nearby hospital as Joe injured his fingers while grading cheese.

15. Nana Comes to Stay

Nana Comes to Stay is the fourth episode of the second season of the show and it premiered on October 14 1999.

In this episode, Barbara's mom, Nana, comes over to her daughter's house, and Jim is unhappy because she sees some activities that irritate her son-in-law. Jim gets more upset after he realizes that Nana will be around the house for a whole week.

Nana lying on sofa following a cataract operation
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Anthony's band, with which he worked for a while, had split up, and he didn't seem happy about that. On the other hand, Emma is planning to watch a movie in the theater with her male friend. 

16. Dad's Birthday

Dad's Birthday is the fourth episode of the inaugural season of the show and it was made available for the public on October 5 1998.

This episode is all about Jim's birthday and the activities that happen when the family tries to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Their neighbor, Carrolls, has come to join in the party.

The Royles celebrating Jim’s birthday
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The family snaps a group photograph, but Anthony can't be present in that photo as he has a black eye because of his fight with the Beswick brothers.

The characters make fun of each other by passing comments about their looks and discussing each other's relationship history. Jim seems happy and has decided to take his wife to the pub for a celebration, but he has asked the lady to bring her purse along. 

17. Another Woman

Another Woman is the fifth episode of the show's first season which premiered on TV on October 12 1998.

The episode starts with Denise and Dave having a great time in the pub, but suddenly the fun turns into chaos after Denise finds out that her husband has been flirting with other women behind her back. She accused Dave of flirting with Beverley Macca, who looked stunning that night.

Denise is crying because she thought Dave is cheating her with another woman
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However, Dave tries to console Jim and Antony about the matter and asserts that nothing like Denise mentioned earlier had happened in the pub. Denise also calms down after discussing the issue with her parents, and at the end, the whole family jam together to Jim's banjo music.

18. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the first episode of the second season of the show which was made public on September 23 1999.

This episode carries the show's tempo from the previous season and lets the viewers and the Royle family know that Denise and Dave are pregnant. They have also decided on the names of the baby. If they had a daughter, they would name her Whitney; in the case of a son, they would call him Dave.

Denise shares the news of her pregnancy with her family for the first time
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There is a flow of happiness in the family with the brilliant news, and Antony is asked to bring a bottle of pomagne to celebrate this occasion. In between all these, Denise seems upset as Anthony flashes the information to the outsiders, which is a big deal for Denise.

When the episode is about to end, Barbara and her neighbor, Mary, discuss the scenario when they got pregnant and express that their husbands were useless during that time.

19. Baby

Baby is the first episode of the third season of the show which was telecasted on the television for the first time on October 16 2000.

In this episode, 10-month-old David visits his grandparent's house with his parents. The elderly parents are unhappy because Dave mostly takes care of the child while the mother steps away from the responsibility because of laziness.

10 months old David visits his grandparents house
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Anthony's friend Darren also gives a surprise visit to the house, and the family discusses what baby dave will do in the future.

20. Nana's Coming to Stay

Nana's Coming to Stay is the third episode of the second season of the sitcom which premiered on October 7 1999.

At the start of this episode, Dave and Denise give feedback on visiting a local medical clinic, saying they were bored during the entire procedure. The family discusses Antony's girlfriend, Emma, saying she is only 17 but owns a car.

Barbara invites Nana to come and stay at the Royle house
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During all this, Anthony suddenly enters and mentions that he is part of a rock band, Exit. At the end of the episode, Barbara drops the news that she had invited Nana to the house as she had just had her cataract operation.

21. Making Ends Meet

Making Ends Meet is the second episode of the first season of the sitcom that was aired on September 21 1998.

In this episode, Jim has to figure out a way to get his daughter married, and due to various other circumstances, he is worried a lot. His daughter, Denise, has already found a capable boy for herself, and their union is expected to happen very soon.

Jim is worried about Denise’s marriage expenses
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One of the things that worries Jim is the wedding expenses, and he spends the entire episode searching for a way to pay for Denise's marriage.

22. Bills, Bills, Bills

Bills, Bills, Bills is the first episode of the first season of the English sitcom which was aired on September 14 1998.

This episode kickstarted the sitcom and introduced several characters from the show. It shows the nature of a middle-class English family worried about their daily expenses.

This is the episode that kick started the sitcom
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Jim, the father of the Royle family, receives a phone bill and starts to panic after seeing the high price. His wife, Denise, is shown as she is busy shopping for a jacket while Jim buys jeans via his friend Twiggy.


23. The Golden Egg Cup

The Golden Egg Cup was aired for the first time on December 25 2009 and it is one of the special episodes of the series.

In this episode, Jim and Barbara receive some cash as money, and the couple spends the entire episode deciding what to do with the money they receive.

Jim and Barbara plan on how to spend the cash they received as gift from their daughter
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Barbara mentioned that she wants to go abroad, while Jim opposes the decision and asks his wife to get an HD satellite box with that money.

24. The New Sofa

The New Sofa is the last episode of the fourth season of the series and it was telecasted on December 25 2008.

In this episode, the characters share a moment filled with a Christmas vibe, and the Royle family unites again to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Jim and Barabara are annoyed with the over-decorated living room, but it is a festival, so they don't want to remove it.

The Royle family have brought a new sofa on the occasion of Christmas Day
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Their daughter, Denise, comes to her parent's house with her husband to celebrate the festival. Jim's friend, Twiggy, is also present with a full festive spirit.

25. Barbaras Old Ring

Barbaras Old Ring is the last episode on this list and it is also the final episode of the series which was aired on December 25 2012.

In this episode, all the characters have gathered together again at the same place to celebrate Christmas, but Barbara seems upset because she has lost her wedding ring.

Barbara lost her wedding ring and she is more angry than usual
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The situation between husband and wife gets tense because of various circumstances, and during all this, Barbara lashes with her husband because of his laziness and carelessness towards the family.