Thomas Doherty at the
Thomas Doherty at the "High Strung Free Dance" Premiere Afterparty in Hollywood California in October 2019( Source : wikipedia )

Thomas Doherty has a brother Niall Doherty who plays soccer as a hobby. Thomas shares a beautiful bond with him.

Their artist, best known for his roles in Gossip Girl and The Invitation, would play the part of a struggling musician named Casey, whose love interest is Dandelion, played by Kiki Layne, a down-on-her-luck musician from Cincinnati.

Thomas grew up in a family with his siblings. Even though they had different interests from him, they have been an integral part of his life.

Who Is Thomas Doherty's Brother Niall Doherty?

27-year-old Thomas Doherty has a brother Niall Doherty, with whom he shares the good, bad and the ugly. 

Born in 1994, the two brothers have a mere one-year age difference as they are a carbon copy of one another. The closeness in age made them do everything together, getting his education at the Royal High School.

Indeed, the outdoors consumed their younger years, with a particular preference for soccer from Niall's side. 

Unlike his younger siblings, he never developed a fondness for the performing arts, deciding to go pro in soccer instead. 

According to the website, he began playing for the Webber Warriors in his first year at Webber International University in Florida. 

The side hobby has transformed from his favorite pass time to something more serious, pursuing a degree in sports management. After having an excellent football career, he joined the Brora Rangers, operating as a midfielder on his home turf.

Despite having diverged career paths, the two men often made time to spend quality evenings with one another, with the Scottish actor reminiscing about their childhood on his Instagram.

Thomas Doherty with is brother Niall as children
Thomas Doherty with is brother Niall as children ( Source : instagram )

In 2016, he bought in his playful side when he uploaded a picture of the two swimming in the pool, with Thomas teasing his brother, calling him a Seamus Finnigan look alike from Harry Potter Movies.

Thomas Doherty Has Two Siblings

Actor Thomas Doherty is blessed to have two adoring siblings, his older brother Niall, and his little sister, Rachel, as he never feels alone. 

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, he is the son of banker couple Anthony and his wife, Mary-Lou Doherty. 

Rachel is the youngest in the clan, born on August 16, 2001. 

The 21-year-old got built differently than her rowdy brother, never showing an interest in sports but loving to perform. She followed Thomas into performing arts as she studied as a pupil at the Edinburgh dance academy.

The institution has squeezed every last bit of talent with participation in the Can You Dance? touring convention, where she got a place first.

Indeed, she shared an undeniable bond with Thomas, often saying she missed her elder brother when he left home for work. She gets adored by her future sister-in-law, hanging out in their downtime.

Thomas Doherty wth his siblings Rachel as children
Thomas Doherty wth his siblings Rachel as children ( Source : instagram )

In 2020, she penned a sweet letter on Instagram, talking about her genuine love for her sibling. 

She called him the brightest light in her life, sharing laughs, cries, and adventures. 

Speaking of her Instagram, her effort to maintain her social media presence has worked in her favor, with her gaining an influencer status with eighty-two thousand followers