No criminal charges against officers in death of Anton Black
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Former police officer Thomas Webster and his two accomplices are not behind bars despite their actions resuting in the murder of Anton Black.

After four years of the slaughter of teenager Anton Black his soul has not gotten justice as Dateline NBC has taken the pledge to bring the story to a broader audience. 

The youngster lost his life after he got chased by white police authorities and held on the ground for six minutes outside his family home. 

His family leaped to file a lawsuit to bring justice to his murder, but the judge refused to look at the case for nearly ten months.

The show took matters into their hands when they launched a year-long analysis into Black's death, finding similarities with Floyd's murder. The episode drops on NBC on Friday. 

Where Is Thomas Webster NY Now?  

Thomas Webster is alive and well and certainly not behind bars despite lawsuits and radical crimes that he conducted.

Indeed, the relatives of the deceased have pushed for his imprisonment after they sued the officials who chased him outside his family's home in rural Greensboro.

District Judge Catherine Blake has shown her compliance with her claims but said body camera video could lead to the jury reaching more than one conclusion.

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Greensboro police Officer Thomas Webster IV, police Chief Gary Manos, and Officer Dennis Lannon are the suspects, as the injustice caused the state lawmakers to pass a bill named after the victim in hopes that such cases do not reoccur.

Was Thomas Webster Found Guilty In Anton Black's Murder?

Thomas W. Webster IV, the murderer of the 19-year-old Anton Black, was not found guilty of the crime as there are laws that protect cops even when they attack the innocent.

Reports say he assaulted Lateef Dickerson, a man of color, by kicking him in the face but got indicted by a grand jury in 2015 and charged with second-degree assault.


When leading up to his trial, prosecutors dug up old stories that pointed out 29 use-of-force declarations in his roughly ten years as a Dover police officer.

Sadly, the charges did not stick as a jury acquitted Webster around December as the federal civil rights lawsuit resolved.

Even more, the assailant got offered a $230,000 payment in six years in exchange for finding another career. 

Indeed, his yearly salary of $68,398 got knocked down to half of its price despite his actions. 

Thomas Webster Age And Update- Is Still An Officer?

Former cop Thomas Webster's age is unknown, as he is still a free man after he filed to get charged in connection to Black's death. We are unsure of his whereabouts, so we do not know if he is an officer. 

He got hired by the Greensboro Police Department without heeding the leader's objections, including central Delaware NAACP president La Mar Gunn.

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The town manager stick by her work as Jeannette DeLude told news outlets that they conducted a trough background check and did not find anything lawful that would hinder his hiring process. 

Sadly, their fears turned their ugh head when he got removed from street duty after getting examined for the death of Anton Black.

The case came to a turning point when he disclosed to have a history of racism as he was a controversial figure in the Greensboro Police Department.


Previously, he got removed from a case after he shed aggression toward an African-American suspect in his custody.