Tiana Upcheva from The Ark is 27 years old actress born on September 30, 1995. Tiana was raised in San Diego, California.

Born in Serbia, Tiana is a talented and versatile up-and-coming actress with great acting potential. She has been part of various movies and series and performed best in them. 

The actress was born to a Tennis Coach, and she is often seen on her father's Instagram. Her mother's identity is still unknown as they post pictures and haven't shared much in detail. 

Tiana is only a little active on social media except for her Instagram, which has around 20.5K followers and 934 following. Her fan also made a Twitter account in her name, which has only 681 followers. She has a growing fanbase all around the world.

1. Tiana Was Born On Serbia And Raised In USA

Tiana Upcheva celebrates her birthday on 30 September, according to her Instagram. She is a renowned Serbian-American actress.

She was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and was raised in the USA with her father and mother. She keeps her personal life very private and doesn't share much about her family, but still, we can see various posts and photos of her and her family on her Instagram.

Upcheva also has one sister, Elena Upcev, who is not in the acting field. And she grew up with her sister in childhood and shared a close bond.

Tiana did a photoshoot with Avant Grade on end of 2022
Tiana did a photoshoot with Avant Grade on end of 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Talking about her appearance, she has a height of 5 Feet 6 Inches and a weight of 54 Kg. She has beautiful blue colored eyes with blonde hair. She is a college graduate.

Tiana still needs to share more about her private life, how she grew up with her parents, what school she went to, and how her experience was growing up in the USA.

But as seen on her various posts through social media, she was raised in a decent manner and by good parents who supported her and are still supporting her.

Her family supported her in pursuing her acting career. She is very talented and has greatly impacted the entertainment industry through acting.

2. She Started Acting By Playing in Theatre

Tiana is a growing and upcoming actress who has already been seen in big movies. Her acting career started by playing in a music video.

She started her acting by firstly playing in a theatre in 2017. Her first movie, My Daughter is Missing, also came in 2017, in which she played Maya, according to her IMDb.

The actress has played an important role in the series The Outpost, which was released in 2018 and ended in 2021. She starred in 21 episodes of the whole series between 2019-2021.

Tiana playing as her character Eva Markovic in the series The Ark
Tiana playing as her character Eva Markovic in the series The Ark ( Source : instagram )

Tiana's main role was found in the series called Igra Sudbine, in which she played for 156 episodes between 2022 and 2023. While the series was considered a flop, she still showed her acting skills and got opportunities for other movies and series.

After that, she played in the ongoing series called The Ark, a Mystery and Sci-Fi series with famous casts like Christie Burke, Reece Ritchie, etc. She is playing one of the main roles in this series. 

With all the great acting and potential shown by Tiana, she will be the lead role of the upcoming series called Slotherhouse. It is a comedy, horror, and thriller series. She is going to play along with Sydney Craven and Stefan Kapicic. 

3. Her Father Is A Pro Tennis Coach And Teaches Around The World

Tiana Upcheva family consists of her father, mother, and sister. Her father Danijel is a Pro Tennis Coach in Serbia.

Danijel was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, and currently lives with her daughter in his hometown in Serbia. He teaches tennis to various people and is a very talented person.

According to his Facebook, he has studied Sports Science - Tennis at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia. He has 18 years of experience in tennis coaching and is a supervisor at his sports club in Serbia.

Tiana's father and mother posing for a photo while riding a boat
Tiana's father and mother posing for a photo while riding a boat ( Source : instagram )

Danijel's work primarily involves managing and supervising the coaches and players during the Tennis Tournaments in his country, as per his Linkedin.

He has also been a primary coach to various successful competitors in The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tours happening worldwide.

Upcheva is part of various tennis academies and programs focused on making the new generation interested in playing tennis. He is a full-time head coach at Player Zone Tennis Team from Serbia and Tennis with Attitude from Germany.

4. Tiana's Sister Is A Future Lawyer

Tiana Upcheva sister Elena Upcev is presently enrolled at the University of Belgrade. Elena currently resides in Serbia.

She was born to her parents in Serbia on August 13, 2001. She hasn't shared much about her sister anywhere, and she can be found only on Instagram with just 610 Followers. Unlike her sister, she doesn't have any interest in acting.

Tiana sister Elena Upcev is not in the acting industry but is going to be lawyer in the future
Tiana sister Elena Upcev is not in the acting industry but is going to be lawyer in the future ( Source : instagram )

Elena used to be affiliated with the Workforce of Regulation at the College of Belgrade. Currently, she is enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.

Like Tiana's other family members, her sister is also one of the supporters who helped her progress. She is often seen posting with her sister and sharing their favorite moments spend with each other.

5. She Is Dating A Professional Handball Player of Serbia

Tiana Upcheva is in a relationship with Serbian expert handball player Bojan Radivojevic. They started dating in 2020.

The sports player first posted with her girlfriend on November 4, 2020; before that, they hadn't posted anything about each other. He is seen posting about her on various festive occasions like Christmas.

Bojan lives in a family of 5: his father, mother, and his 2 brothers. He was seen posting a photo of her newborn niece on his Instagram. His older brother and sister-in-law are both expert handball players in Serbia.

Tiana along with her boyfriend Bojan Radivojevic who is on National Handball Team of Serbia
Tiana along with her boyfriend Bojan Radivojevic who is on National Handball Team of Serbia ( Source : instagram )

Radivojevic is a very athletic and sports person and plays center-back, performing for the club RK Zeleznicar in 1949 in the Serbian Super B League. He stands at the height of 6 feet and weighs almost 80kg.

Currently, he is 27 years old and considered bright and intelligent in handball tournaments in Serbia. His relationship with Tiana is still going on smoothly.

They often share their precious moments on social media and express their love towards each other very gently and elegantly. With their relationship going on for the past 2 to 3 years, they are still having a great time together.

6. Tiana Have Earned Million Through Her Acting

Tiana Upcheva is a growing star who plays in various movies and series. She has a net worth of $1 Million.

She started earning from acting in around 2017. After getting involved in various famous movies and shows, she has managed to get more opportunities for herself in the future.

Her earning are mainly from the series and movies she has played. Apart from that, she has not seen involved in any business until now. She has earned alone through acting and being part of various movie shows and advertisements.

She has also performed in various music videos and various short films. She is an iconic and versatile newcomer in Hollywood and will grow her acting career to the next level.

The Slotherhouse actress is from Serbia and makes her country proud of her acting in Hollywood.