Tiffany Smiley Is Running To Help Her Country To Achieve The American Dream
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Tiffany Smiley is a politician who is working hard for the election of the US Senate to represent Washington. As per Smiley, she is running for the election to help the families in the country to achieve the American Dream. And as per the latest poll, Smiley is near the striking distance of her opponent.

Tiffany intends to win the election to the United States Senate by promoting strong policies such as preventing the IRS from tormenting middle-class families and small firms with the 87,000 agents they intend to hire to investigate American taxpayers.

She also intends to reduce wasteful spending, which has contributed to inflation, and to ensure that the government never pays able-bodied employees more to stay at home rather than go to work.

Many more agendas are available on her website.

Who Is Tiffany Smiley: Wikipedia Bio Of The Politician

As per the available Wikipedia of Tiffany Smiley, she is actively running for the US Senate, and her major goal is to help families in the US achieve the American dream.

Smiley grew up on a farm, and like many other children, she dreamt of becoming a nurse. Tiffany's dreams changed in an instant in April 2005, when she learned that her husband was seriously injured by a bomber. The rural Washington farm girl later took on the federal government and won. 

Tiffany Has Listed Her Agenda In Her Own Website
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Tiffany Smiley devoted herself to helping her husband Scotty recover and get the treatment he required after he was severely injured in Iraq.

However, they encountered government protocols and bureaucracy that prevented Scotty from returning to active duty.

Tiffany, on the other hand, fought the Washington bureaucracy and won significant reforms for her husband and countless disabled veterans. Tiffany and Scotty turned adversity into an opportunity.

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The Husband Of Tiffany Smiley Was Seriously Injured In A War

Tiffany Smiley is married to her high school lover, Scotty Smiley. After Scotty was injured in a war, her life changed entirely.

Tiffany discovered Scotty had been severely injured by a suicide bomber while serving America in Iraq. The bomb caused him to suffer a serious condition and permanently lose vision in both eyes.

His wife Tiffany immediately booked a flight to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to be by Scotty's side. Scotty was still in trauma care when Tiffany arrived. She got the news that Scott would never be capable of serving his country in uniform again.

Tiffany With Her Husband And Children
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The politician was also asked to sign a statement consenting to Scotty's immediate discharge from the Army right there on the spot.

Tiffany fought for her love, his dreams, and the care he deserved. Tiffany put her professional ambitions aside to focus on nursing her man back to health and fighting to ensure that Scotty's recovery was not disturbed by ineffective government bureaucracy.

She was adamant that he not become just another number in the untrustworthy VA system. Tiffany and Scotty have made ensuring that every veteran receives the benefits and care they surely deserve one of their top priorities to this day.

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Age Of Tiffany Smiley: How Old Is The Politician?

At the age of 39 years, Tiffany Smiley has decided to run for the US Senate.

Smiley graduated from college in 2003, became a registered nurse, and began working as a caregiver at Walter Reed Hospital. Tiffany left her role as a caregiver after more than eight years at the hospital.

Since 2010, the politician has also served as the president and co-founder of Hope Unseen LLC, and she has worked as a public speaker for the past three years.

Net Worth Of Tiffany Smiley: Is The Politician Rich?

The net worth of Tiffany Smiley is guessed at around $1-2 million.

Tiffany is a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience as well as an author of several successful books that managed to touch the reader's hearts while also empowering them.

Smiley and her husband also co-founded a public speaking forum, as well as Tiffany, her own company and brand.

Her recent political involvement and motivational public engagements are also helping to lift her and other women up and empower them.