Where is Tracy Orban now? Here is what we know about the present whereabouts of the wife of ex-detective, Anthony Orban.

Tracy Orban is the wife of the ex-detective and late officer, Anthony Orban.

Anthony, a Westminster police detective, was convicted of an assault and rape of a young woman back in 2010.

According to the Sun, he was heavily drunk before he assaulted an Ontario Mills Misteress inside her own vehicle for an hour with the help of a friend.

While he was presented in the court for his offenses, it was his wife, Tracy Orban, among the first line of defense of the man.

She opened up about Anthony's medical condition and how he would do something unthinkable and later forget it due to his medical issues.

Where Is Tracy Orban Now? Ex-detective Anthony Orban Wife Explored

Talking about Tracy Orban's present whereabouts, she is still thought to reside in Westminster.

She was living in the local neighborhood of the area with her husband when the incident unfolded.

Since her family was based in that particular area, it is believed that the woman might still be living nearby.

However, there have been no reports or traces of the woman since the early 2010s.

After the case was settled, no internet sources have kept the track of Tracy and no recent mentions of her can be spotted on the internet.

So, it is pretty difficult to pinpoint her current location due to the lack of precise information.

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Tracy Orban Age: How Old Is She?

Tracy Orban's age is thought to be around 40- 50 years old.

Her husband was revealed to be in his early thirties at the time of the incident and the couple was around the same age range.

Adding a decade to that number, we can guess that Tracy might be in her early to mid-forties at the current time.

Nonetheless, her actual age and birth date are still unknown to outsiders.

Tracy Orban New Husband: Did She Marry Again?

As things stand, there are no details about Tracy Orban's new husband as no proof of her remarrying can be found.

Since she is not tracked by the sources, her current personal life also remains a mystery.

So, we cannot precisely make a claim about her love life without knowing anything about it.

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