As per the reports, Trapboy Freddy was arrested by the Police. Scroll to get the complete update on the case and what had happened. 

Trapboy Freddy is a famous singer and rapper. Born in Dallas, Texas, growing up Freddy experienced troubles. 

Freddy gained fame on social media with his stage name as he started sharing his music. Followingly, to the present date, he has more than 240K monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Starting his career at the age of 21, he has gathered quite a wide fanbase over the years. He first started getting attention when he performed at strip clubs, pubs, and dance clubs.

Recently, he has been in the headlines as police arrested him on outstanding warrants. 

Was Trapboy Freddy Arrested For Running From Police?

Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter where Police handcuffing popular rapper Trapboy Freddy. They arrested him on charges of evading arrest with a previous conviction relating to outstanding warrants. 

The witness of the arrest claimed that the authorities beat and punched him in the face during the arrest. The man also mentioned that the Police allegedly threatened to shoot him if he did not turn his camera off. 

Furthermore, he added the cops assaulted the rapper for no apparent reason. Freddy had spent three years in and out of the jail in the past. 

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Trapboy Freddy Charges And Mugshot

The famous rapper Trapboy Freddy is facing the charges of evading arrest with a last conviction relating to outstanding warrants. The police department hasn't released his mugshot on the Internet. 

The warrant was registered in Cedar Hill and Desoto. Freddy who has built his career in the music industry has had a history of being in prison in the past.

Before finding success as a hip-hop artist, he struggled while living on the streets. 

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What Is The Real Name Of Trapboy Freddy?

The real name of Trapboy Freddy is Devarius Dontez Moore. He is famous with his stage name all over social media. 

Some of his popular mix-tapes are "Trapboy Freddy Krueger", "3rd Quarter" and "4th Quarter". Though as a teen, he did enjoy free-styling, he never thought it would be his career later on in his life. 

His song which he uploaded in 2014 went viral on social media. Despite his struggle in the past, he found success in the music industry.