The hip-hop stars share a friendship of over 20 years now
The hip-hop stars share a friendship of over 20 years now( Source : facebook )

Missy Elliott and Trina relationship could not grow as the former couple only dated for a year. Trina considers Missy as her musical role model. 

Trina's career as a professional rapper started in 1998 when she featured on Trick Daddy's chart-topping hit "NannNigga."

Her single "Pull Over" was also ranked by Complex in their Top 50 Best Rap Songs by Women and added to Billboard's list of the "31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop."

Fans also recognized the multi-talented rapper as a cast member of "Love and Hip-Hop: Miami" and has been since 2018.

Besides the attention she gains from her hip-hop career, Trina's relationships keep her name in the spotlight.

Trina and Missy Elliott Relationship at a Glance

Trina and Missy Elliott relationship has been close friends for more than 20 years. Trina and Missy collaborated on a handful of music albums.

It's common for celebrities to deal with rumors and gossip about their romantic relationships and love lives. Trina tried her best to avoid controversy, but she had to face it since working in the media industry was not as easy as it looked. 

Missy Elliott is one of hip-hop's biggest stars, paving the path for other female rappers to achieve widespread success in the 90s. Some of her hit singles include "Sock It 2 Me," "Work It," and "Get Ur Freak On." She is bisexual and has accepted it, but that does not imply that every woman with whom she is close becomes her romantic partner.

The hip-hop musicians dated from March 1997 until December 1998.

On the other hand, Trina stated that she and Missy were good friends. She made it clear that Missy was a mentor to her and that she valued her friendship and support because not everyone does that. 

Trina considers Missy as her musical role model
Trina considers Missy as her musical role model ( Source : gettyimages )

In 2015, Missy was seen wishing a happy birthday to Trina on her Facebook. She recounts their friendship of more than 15 years and their happiest experiences while displaying an old photo of the two of them.

Missy explains that Trina was a great friend and that they remain best friends.

Fast forward to 2020, when the hip-hop stars teamed up to create music. Trina announced the two musicians' upcoming collaboration on Instagram to her followers. That shows they are still good friends and support one another in their professional lives.

Trina and Missy Current Partners

Both hip-hop stars Trina and Missy have previously dated a few well-known media figures. Find out who they are dating at the moment.

Trina Is Engaged

Trina has previously been romantically involved with various well-known media personalities, including Lil Wayne, Kenyon Martin, and French Montana. However, it appears that she has finally found true love, as the rapper officially engaged in 2021.

Her fiance is Miami rapper and former collegiate basketball player Raymond Taylor. Interestingly, Trina is 13 years older than Raymond, making him 34 years old in 2021.

Trina made her engagement news public on the 9th of September. She disclosed this to social media figure Stormy Wellington, during a live stream as she displayed her beautiful engagement ring.

The artist of
The artist of "Pull Over" and her partner Raymond got engaged in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

In the season finale of "Love and Hip Hop Miami," viewers may see the engagement for themselves. The season finale teaser shows Raymond urging everybody to raise a toast, as "today is going to be history." He gets onto one knee after telling Trina he has to ask her a question.

Five years had passed since the couple first met and fell in love. Before being matched up with fellow "Love and Hip Hop" star Joy, they were once close friends.

Trina doesn't post a lot about her relationship on social media. The "Love and Hip Hop" star recently disclosed in an interview with VH1 that she prefers to keep her romances confidential since this is how she manages her love life while being in the public spotlight.

In that case, the couple hasn't given a specific date for their wedding, but we could be waiting several years, as Raymond did take his time before he proposed.

Missy Dated Few Famous Musicians In the Past

There are rumors that Missy has been romantically involved with more women than men. She is rumored to have dated Lil' Kim, Olivia Longott, Faith Evans, Karrine Steffans, and Nicole Wray, to name a few.

Additionally, in 2013, there were speculations that Missy tied the knot with Sharaya J, a student of hers in the music industry. The rapper never confirmed such allegations, and Sharaya also revealed in 2015 that she sees Elliot as her artistic mother.

Tim Mosely and Timberland are among the guys she has dated. Her connection with Timberland was thought to be strictly professional until rumors spread that they had a romantic relationship in the past.

Missy Elliott's name was also linked with Timberland
Missy Elliott's name was also linked with Timberland ( Source : facebook )

Her connections with some of the people listed above are unclear since Elliott maintains her romantic life private.

There is no current information on who Missy Elliot is dating, yet she has expressed a wish to have her child. Her fans are interested in how she plans to accomplish this given that she isn't in any confirmed relationships.