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Blonde actor Tygh Runyan supports a decent net worth after spending years in the movie industry.

The actor recently got cast in the controversial autobiography of 90s superstar Marilyn Monroe. He plays a side character as Norma Jeane's Father but brings his years of expertise on screen.

The dad was never in the picture but was symbolic as a photograph on the nightstand.

The story follows the fictionalized tale based on the 2000 novel Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates, which got criticized for its twisting of events.

The author insisted that he never commented on the literature as biographical but simply took inspiration from the events and gave his creativity on what truly happened. The director Andrew Dominik praised the lead actress for her sincerity and unhinged embodiment of the blonde goddess and said no one was better for the job.

But the actual people who knew the artists were not so agreeing, saying they had portrayed it as a tragedy while it was nothing of the sort.

Although she had her sets of troubles and turmoils stemming from her loud and brave personality, she never let herself become stepped on by others, loving her life till her last breadth. 

Quick Info:

NameTygh Runyan
Age46 years.
BornJune 13, 1976
Net Worth1.5 million
OccupationActor, Musician

Tygh Runyan Net Worth [2022 Update]: Assets And Career Earnings.

As of 2022, the net worth of Tygh Runyan is 1.5 million dollars, as his primary income arises from his array of assets and career earnings.

Indeed, his IMDb boasts a whopping ninety acting credits, beginning with a list of supporting roles in the initial years of his career. 

Most people recognized him as Idler in Kingdom Hospital, Gene Feinberg in The L Word, Zack in Dark Harvest, and Marcus Simms in The Listener, to name a few.

But his most notable appearance remained as Dr. Robert Caine in Stargate Universe, and he became a household name after he scored the life-changing role of Fabien Marchal in Versailles. The brooding, mysterious, and feared policeman had superfans as they were borderline toxic.

Inside, he knows the obsession with his grey character is not normal, getting concerned when women wanted him to hold their baby as he recounted his character's torturing tendencies. The show in question was a staple of the BBC as the period drama, set from 1667 onwards, following the life of France’s most notorious mongering monarch. 

Tygh Runyan as Fabien Marchal in Versailles.
Source : facebook

Variety describes it as more trendy than accurate as the stylized filter did not get five stars from the critics. But the audience had to complins as no one wanted to see what truly happened in the 1600s. 

As a part of King Louis' repressive police force, as there was no command, he could deny taking over the sinister and salacious tasks.

A lesser-known fact is that he is a prolific musician, working as a member of Beans and The Awkward Stage. 

Although many bands have come and gone, he currently serves as a member of Corredor from Los Angeles.

According to his LinkedIn, he has widened his horizons to operate as a business, as he is the Owner of Foreverbad Media Ranch. He established the institution in 2003 and is still present as its founder and operator. 

Undoubtedly, his life of credentials also includes photography and film composition since the 1990s.

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Meet Tygh Runyan's Wife Sarah Lind

Canadian American actor Tygh Runyan has had a blissful married life with his wife Sarah Lind since the 2010s.

They ran round in the same circles as actors and were bound to meet. She was known for starring roles in Mentors, Edgemont, and True Justice. 

With an age gap of six years, they connected spiritually as he saw immense growth in her career. 

She began with family-centric positions but became infatuated with more horror-themed portrayals. She even got casts in The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, partaking in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series The Martha's Vineyard Mysteries.

They crossed paths around 2008, as they tied the knot in the same year. Although it had been just 14 years of their vows, he loved her to the end of time when he tapped into Facebook to commemorate her existence. 

Tygh Runyan celebrating his wife's birthday in 2018.
Source : facebook

In 2018, he memorialized his spouse by writing about how she inspired him one day at a time. Before they fell in love, he had been a fan of her work, especially her ability to bring subtlety and nuance to each role. 

Indeed, he called it an honor to watch her thrive as an artist and evolve into the performer she wished to be. Having a supportive partner made quite the difference as he never got jealous of her success while his career remained stagnant in show business.

She shocked him with her perfume blends and interesting animations, which made him a better man. 

Besides, there is no better evidence of their love than their two kids, as he often takes time out of his hectic schedule to talk to them about their days.

Vacations may be rare, but he made sure to help them learn the vital principles of life.

Tygh Runyan Parents And Family

Tygh Runyan was born to his hippie parents in Canada. 

Cable was a luxury, but they made sure to take him to the movies at least once a week. The Blues Brothers ignited the spark when he turned four, openly peeing his pants with excitement for Inspector Gadget.

The small fishing town did nothing to make aspirations easier, but he was not ready to give up on them, letting them fly with his imagination.

He grew up in a non-religious household but kept in line with his inner spirit. Before ever stepping foot in Hollywood, his teachers got involved in the culture and history of the Toltec and Indian traditions. Later he went to a non-denominational church for a while.

Indeed, he used to watch Jack Nicholson and Terrence Malick on screen and wished to share space with them. 

He grew to be an independent son as he took up a job as a paper route. But the dogs were pretty vicious, making him like hell like some scenes in Hollywood movies.

Fortunately, he got an upgrade rather quickly when he became a bus boy at a local diner. He thanked his lucky stars for taking the job as he did his first acting gig through the position. 

Tygh Runyan posing for IMDb.
Source : imdb

A film student had made his way into his town when he arrived to get some coffee. He offered to hire him as a lead on his final thesis project, which got him on the radar of acting agencies, signing his first contract a few months later. 

According to his LinkedIn, he is a dutiful alumnus of The University of California, getting his degree in filmmaking. During his last year in the institution, he hoped to get another degree as he got a BFA in Arts, Film, and General Studies. 

In 1995, he enrolled in Emily Carr University of Art & Design to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Video, And photographic arts.

Moreover, as acting has taken over his life, he shares snippets of doing photography through his Instagram handle, tyghrunyan, where he has 35.1k followers. Having an interest in bikes and motorcycles, he utilizes his free time in the construction of vintage motor vehicles.

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Some FAQs

What is Tygh Runyan doing now?

He currently plays in the band Corredor from Los Angeles.

How old is Tygh Runyan?

Tygh Runyan was born in June 13, 1976 in Denver, Colorado, making him 46 years old.

How much is Tygh Runyan's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Tygh Runyan is 1.5 million dollars. He has accumulated decent wealth from his career.

Is Tygh Runyan married?

Tygh Runyan married Sarah Lind, a Canadian actress. She is known for her starring roles on the television series Mentors, Edgemont and True Justice.