Tyler and Erin are co-actors for Hallmark's love triangle movie It Was Always You
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Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow relationship is just limited to friends. Tyler and Erin were lead actors at Hallmark's It Was Always You.

Tyler is a Canadian actor born on May 6, 1986, and raised in Toronto. He made his first TV debut with The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo as Gary Epps.

After his appearance, he has been seen in many TV series such as Home Team, Lassie, My Christmas Family Tree, Always Amore, Letterkenny, Roadhouse Romance, Three Wise Men, and Baby, It Was Always You, and more.

Similarly, Erin is an American actress and producer born on September 5, 1984. She is known for her role in Army Wives and When Calls The Heart.

Her other projects are A Summer Romance, Marrying Father Christmas, It Was Always You, Sense, Sensibility and Snowmwn, Good Girls Revolt, Chance at Romane, NCIS: Los Angeles, and more.

Tyler And Erin Co-Stars At Hallmark's It Was Always You

Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow have been good friends since they met on Hallmark's show. They both admire each other.

Krakow said she was so excited to work with Hynes that she asked him to join the film's cast during the interview with ET Online in 2021.

Hynes said he was grateful for her approach in response to the compliment. He also praised the actress as a gifted, talented, and wonderful human being. He added, "Erin is an incredible human being and a very talented actor."

Tyler and Erin together in the screen are loved by many fans
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In Hallmark's triangle love story, 'It Was Always You,' they played the role of lead actors. He played David, and Krakow played a career-oriented lady named Elizabeth.

Their appearance together in the film made their fans romanticize their relationship. They worked with other co-stars such as Giles Panton, Elysia Potary, Nelson Wong, Paula Shaw, and Frances Flanagan.

The two have been spotted at many places together after their movie. The couple has also attended many events and interviews.

Many people admire their relationship off-screen too. They both seem so natural and comfortable with each other.

Because of their good relationship off-screen, many people started to admire the couple. Not only that, but they both frequently shared images on their Instagram accounts, praising each other.

Their fans began to fantasize about them as real-life girlfriends and boyfriends.

However, they both have confirmed that they are good friends and are happily enjoying their time together as friends for the rest of their lives.

Tyler Dating History And Relationship: Is He Married?

Tyler Hynes is not married to date. However, he has been linked with many co-stars.

He is now the most renowned actor and many people have an eye on him. However, we are still unfamiliar with his dating history because of his less social media involvement and private life preferences.

Racquel And Tyler Are Dating Each Other

Racquel Natasha and Tyler Hynes are reported to be dating since 2018, according to Creeto. They have been together for 4 years now.

In one of his interviews, he admitted his girlfriend has the passport of his Twitter, and whenever she wanted to, she could easily have access. He didn't seem to mind about it at all.

Racquel is a Miami based advertising model
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 was the one who encouraged her to be active on social media. Since then, he has been involved in Instagram, occasionally sharing insights into his personal life.

In 2017 something odd happened, and Tyler deleted every picture of Racquel from his social media account. Many fans assumed they did it because of their breakup, although they have been together for a while now.

They have never mentioned anything about their relationship to date, and because of their social media behavior, we cannot conclude whether they are even together.

However, many sites still confirm they are together and live happy life.

Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker are related to each other. Hynes is Andrew's wife, Cassandra Troy's cousin.

Apart from being family related, they have also been friends for over two decades. Their fans began picking up on their close friendship in the late 2000s.

In an interview with US Weekly in February 2023, Walker said they both talk weekly.

Walker, on April 2021, shared a picture with Tyler and captioned 'It was always us.." They both were on a couch, laughing and watching one of their hallmarks movies together. He added, "Just sitting here enjoying #the27hourday with @tyler_hynes, my only viewing partner."

Tyler and Andrew sharing BFF moments together watching their Hallmark's movie together
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The Roadhouse Romance star shared a behind-the-scenes photo with Walker after the A Maple Valley Christmas actor stopped by Hynes' movie set.

Later in the years, they both appeared in Hallmark's holiday film My Christman Family Tree after their fans asked for collaboration.

The actors appeared in each other's 2021 holiday movies as minor characters. Hynes played a waiter in My Family Christmas Tree, whereas Walker played the lead, Kris. The fellow Canada native then returned the favor, appearing as a restaurant patron in Hynes' An Unexpected Christmas.

The following year, Walker and Hynes gave fans a glimpse at their fun relationship outside of work while going to Universal Studios together.

On November 2022, Walker and Hynes splashed alongside Campbell in the holiday rom-com Three Wise Men and a Baby, in which they played dysfunctional brothers tasked with watching a baby.

On March 2023, Hynes talked about his future project with Walker and Campbell in an interview with US Magazine, "Anything with three of us getting into hijinks."

Tyler Hynes and Nathan Fillion are not related to each other. They both are just linked professionally.

Many of their fans confuse them because of their similar facial structure. But in reality, they don't have any other connection besides being an actor.

They look and sound alike, and some people also say that Hynes reminds them of the younger version of the Canadian-American actor Nathan.

Tyler and Nathan are nor related to each other
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There is not much similarity between them aside from their similar facial structure. They have an age difference of 15 years, whereas Nathan is older.

Fillion has a brother named Jeff Fillion, while Hynes's brother is Brandon Hynes.

One of their fans also tweeted, "I'm not watching Hallmark Channel right now, but if I was, I would have to report this Tyler Hynes fellow is voice twins with Nathan Fillion." At the same time, others replied that they have similar facial structures and smiles.

They together have never played in the same movie, and their fans wish them to see together in upcoming projects.