Vanessa and Sean are co-actors of the ABC Family drama series Switched at Birth
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No, Vanessa Marano and Sean Berdy are not dating. Vanessa and Sean have worked together in the movie Switched at Birth.

Vanessa is an American actress born on October 31, 1992. She started her career in theatres at the age of seven.

She has starred in TV series like 'Without a Trace,' 'Scoundrels,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' and 'The Young and the Restless.' 

Similarly, Sean is an American actor and film producer. Born on June 3, 1993, he began his career at the young age of 12.

For his debut, he starred in 'The Sandlot 2', a sequel as Sammy Samuelson. His other works include 'The Bondage,' 'Drunk History,' 'The Society,' and more. He has also won a Top Young Magician award at the World Magicians Festival.

Berdy and Marano Are The Co-Star Of The Series Switch At Birth

Vanessa Marano and Sean Berdy are good friends and co-stars. They first met in 2011 during the shoot of ABC TV series.

Both of them were excited to work together, and quickly, they got comfortable with each other. The show ran from 2011 to 2017.

Marano played the role of Bay, who was switched with Daphne at the time of her birth. At the same time, Berdy played the role of Emmet, Daphne's best friend who is deaf.

The characters, Bay and Emmet, in the series dated each other. They had such good chemistry that many fans imagined them as a real couple.

Berdy and Marano during the filming of their series Switched at Birth
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The couple was often seen together during that time, attending ceremonies, interviews, and more. The pair has a good relationship on and off the screen.

Because of their chemistry and on-screen romance, many thought they were in a romantic relationship. Different sites have also confirmed them as a romantic couple.

However, the pair denied such rumors and confirmed they are just friends. They like to spend time with each other and are still seen together, although the show was completed 8 years ago.

Marano Was Once Rumored To Be In A Relationship With Jason

Vanessa Marano is currently single and has no boyfriend. However, she has been previously linked with Jason Mraz.

She is a successful actress and may have dated others. But she has been successful in keeping her personal life private.

There is nothing much about her dating history rather than that of Jason.

Vanessa and Jason

Vanessa Marano and Jason Mraz have been linked together. It is believed the pair dated each other for a while.

Mraz is an American singer and guitarist. He is famously known for his song 'I'm Yours,' which got nominated for Best Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

The singer was previously married to Sheridan Edley but divorced within a year. He then got engaged to Tristan Prettyman, but that relationship also did not last long.

Jason performing at Del Mar, California a week ago
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After that, the rumor started that Mraz and Marano began to date each other. The couple was able to keep their relationship a secret.

As a result, there is nothing much known about their relationship. However, their romantic connection was short, and the pair broke up.

The singer has since moved on and married Christina Carano in 2015. On the other hand, the actress is still seemingly single and has shifted her focus toward producing films.

Are Berdy And Harman Dating Each Other?

Sean Berdy and Marry Harman dated each other briefly, as per POPBUZZ. However, the couple has never talked about it.

Mary is a disability rights advocate, accessibility consultant, and content creator, per her LinkedIn. Similarly to the actor, she is also hearing-impaired.

She is actively involved in humanitarian work. She is the vice president of a non-profit organization that provides deaf people with life-saving resources globally.

Marry smiling at the camera wearing a long-sleeved shirt with skinny jeans
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The couple was private about their relationship. As a result, there is no such information as when they started their relationship, how they met, and so on.

The couple was seen together many times at different events. They once arrived at the ABC Family event together.

However, their relationship didn't last, and the pair broke up. They have never mentioned the reason for their breakup to the public.

Harman got engaged to Colin White and later got married as well. On the other hand, the actor is still single and focused on raising awareness about deaf people and encouraging them to learn sign language.