AMC+ movie Vesper cast includes Eddie Marsan and  Raffiella Chapman in the lead roles. Vesper is the story of a 13-year-old girl trying to survive an apocalypse.

The lead character, Vesper, utilizes her survival abilities to survive in the ruins of a strange and frightening world with her dying father, Darius.

When she discovers a mysterious woman, Camellia, alone and bewildered following an aerial crash, she agrees to support her in the search for her missing friend in exchange for safe travel to the Citadel.

In this dark central hub, oligarchs dwell in comfort thanks to cutting-edge biotechnology. Vesper quickly discovers that her cruel neighbor, Jonas, is looking for Camellia, who is hiding a secret that could affect their lives forever.

Forced into a dangerous quest, Vesper must rely on her intellect and bio-hacking abilities to find the key to a different future.

Meet The Cast of AMC+ Vesper

The main cast of the AMC+ Vesper are included below:

Raffiella Chapman As Vesper

Chapman is a British actress who portrays Vesper in the critically praised feature film Vesper (2022).

The Theory of Everything was her first film role. Chapman is a convincing leader with a toughness that belies her young years.

Exclusive shots of Raffiella from the movie Vesper
Exclusive shots of Raffiella from the movie Vesper ( Source : instagram )

But she still represents teenage anxiety, and her performance has a touching tenderness.

Eddie Marsan As Jonas

Marsan was born in East London to a truck driver father and a school assistant mother. He began his career as a printer before becoming an actor twenty years ago.

Eddie on the posture of the movie Vesper
Eddie on the posture of the movie Vesper ( Source : instagram )

During this time, he has collaborated with several directors, including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Terrence Malick, and others.

Rosy McEwen As Camellia

Rosy is an actress who has been offered roles from a very early age. 

When McEwen was 13, a casting director visited her west London school to look for young girls to star in Atonement.

Rosy McEwen Portrays As Camellia in Vesper
Rosy McEwen Portrays As Camellia in Vesper ( Source : twitter )

She got to the final two for the part of Briony but lost to Saoirse Ronan, who was eventually nominated for an Oscar. McEwen featured in episodes of the TV shows Cranford and Waking The Ded while still in high school, but he preferred to be a teenager rather than an actor.

She eventually went to the University of Leeds to study art history, but she was dissatisfied. Then she remembered how much she enjoyed performing.

Richard Brake as Darius

Richard is a Welsh-American character actor best remembered for playing Joe Chill in Batman Begins.

Richard Brake plays the character of Darius in Vesper
Richard Brake plays the character of Darius in Vesper ( Source : instagram )

He and his family immigrated to the United States in 1964, settling first in Atlanta. He grew raised in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio, where he attended Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio.

He made his screen debut as a reporter in an episode of the British comedy-drama series Jeeves and Wooster in 1993.

Additional casts in the movie are:

Melanie Gaydos as Jug

Edmund Dehn as Elias

Matvej Buravkov as Boz

Marijus Demiskis as Oed

Markas Eimontas as Mo

Markas Sagaitis as Fitz

Titas Rukas as Beck

Vesper Movie Release Date and Time

 The movie Vesper was released in France on August 17, 2022. In the United States, the film was launched on September 30, 2022.

The film was released globally on October 21, 2022. Vesper has received mixed responses from critics, but many have praised the movie.

 Fantastic visuals elevate this dystopian sci-fi about a teenager played by Raffiella navigating an ecologically destroyed Earth.
Fantastic visuals elevate this dystopian sci-fi about a teenager played by Raffiella navigating an ecologically destroyed Earth. ( Source : instagram )

"Vesper" captivates viewers with its brilliantly realized costume, sound, and production design, along with some well-utilized, Cronenberg-Esque creatures and special effects.

The film was made with few digital effects, giving the technology featured an organic, homemade look that fits the story perfectly.

Vesper Trailer Breakdown

The official trailer for Vesper launched on August 10, 2022. It was launched by IFC Films.

The trailer focuses on the post-apocalyptic world. Raffiella mentioned Citadel in the trailer; Citadel likes to take control of everything. They also don't open the door and let others use the resources because there are not enough.

The main character attempts to find the seeds and make them fertile so that they will never starve again. Halfway through the trailer, Vesper meets Camellia, who is from Citadel and is willing to take Vesper back to where she came from.

Citadel appears to be a ruthless place, but Vesper is energized and focused on going there. In the final seconds of the trailer, you can hear a soft voice saying, "Vesper, you can change everything."

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