One of the more dramatic scandals of the presidential campaign was John Mccain's romance with Vicki Iseman. People are still curious to find out the actual truth behind the controversy.

John Sidney McCain III was an American politician, statesman, and US Navy officer who worked as the United States Senator for Arizona from the year 1987 to 2018. McCain's early military career began when he was commissioned as an ensign and began two and a half years of training to become a navy pilot in Pensacola.

Who Is Vicki Iseman? John Mccain Affair With Lobbyist 

Vicki Iseman is a lobbyist for the company Iseman & Szelinga in Washington, D.C. She rose to public prominence as a lobbyist for the company Alcalde & Fay in February 2008, following her role in the John McCain lobbyist affair.

A native of Indiana, Pennsylvania, she graduated from Homer-Center High School in 1985 as a cheerleader and member of the student council. She continued her education at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earning a bachelor's in Elementary Education in 1990.

Further, she gave the commencement address at her old high school in 2006, and she continued to advocate for both that institution and her alma mater throughout her career.

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Vicki Iseman And John Mccain Relationship Explored

Iseman started visiting McCain's offices and campaign events so regularly in 2000, according to The New York Times, that his advisers were convinced the connection had turned amorous. One of the staff members allegedly wondered about her presence there.

According to The New York Times, staff aides were also concerned that the letters McCain wrote to government regulators on Iseman's behalf would attract negative media attention, especially since McCain's campaign focused on his probity and included proposals for more stringent lobbying regulations in the United States.

The Times piece never said that an affair had occurred. McCain's 2000 communications director, Daniel Schnur, who has no present ties to the campaign, termed The Times' claim very improbable.

Did John Mccain Cheat On His Wife Cindy McCain?

In April 1979, Hensley met John McCain at a military event in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was escorting a delegation of senators to China as the United States Navy liaison officer to the United States Senate.

She was on a family vacation in Hawaii with her parents. Hensley was speaking with Jill Biden, Senator Joe Biden's wife when she was encouraged to speak with McCain by her father. He was almost 18 years her senior, and according to her subsequent account, they both lied about their ages to each other. 

As the relationship between the lobbyist and John is still not confirmed, it is unknown if he actually cheated on his wife.