Vicky Faucheux and Inma Fajardo entered the show ‘Love Never Lies' to regain the bond of their relaionshp.
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Vickey Faucheux and Inma Fajardo from Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia Season 2 are a couple hoping to resolve their issues.

"Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia" on Netflix is the Spanish version of the well-known "Love Never Lies" series.

The dating reality show welcomes various young couples to put their faith in their relationships to the test. The lovely Italian island of Sardinia is home to the team in separate residences.

Additionally, the cast members undergo "eye detect" lie detection tests each season at various points when they are presented with challenging questions. Many unique couples are introduced in the show's first season, leaving the audience intrigued by their pasts and chemistry. One such couple was Vickey Faucheux and Inma Fajardo.

While the participants are away, their loyalty is tested by the arrival of many bachelors seeking to create romantic bonds of their own.

Vickey and Inma decided to participate in the experiment to improve their relationship. But because of their turbulent on-screen journey, many people are unsure if the couple is still together.

Who are Vicky and Inma from Season 2 of "Love Never Lies"?

Vicky and Inma are one of the couples in "Love Lies Season 2" who joined the first season of "Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia."

Despite being together for over two years, the couple experienced a tough time when they split up for two months. After joining the experiment, the duo was shown the outcomes of the preceding 'eye detect" tests.

The test revealed that Inma had allegedly kissed another female while in a relationship with Vicky. She got close to the same girl she had been dating while Vicky and Inma were away.

Regardless, Vicky didn't allow this to make her lose faith in Inma. As soon as the couples split up, Inma was required to remain in the original house, which would welcome several bachelors.

Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia Season 2 bring in 6 couples, that is, 12 individuals every season to play the role of contestants and prove their faith in their relationships
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To test Inma's conviction, the showrunners invited Celia to the show. When Inma was away from Vicky, she had been with Celia. Vicky watched various clips during this time that made her doubt Inma.

Inma appeared incredibly at ease with Celia and cheated on Vicky several times. But, it became more problematic when Celia started to date one of the bachelor men, Juanlu. 

When it was time to swap homes, Vicky was shown several videos that revealed many affairs on Inma's part. One of the "eye detect" questions also said that Inma had been unfaithful to Vicky several times.

Inma was the first woman Vicky ever dated.
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Besides that, it was uncovered that Inma had previously shared personal relationships with men and had slept with them while dating Vicky. The latter found the situation nothing short of terrible since she couldn't figure out why she had been deceived repeatedly.

Interestingly, the positions were reversed, as Inma had to stand on the sidelines while the new group of singles courted Vicky. Rocio, a stunning woman, was first welcomed as Vicky's planned spouse, but she soon found herself drawn to Alex, a single man.

It also appeared possible for sparks to ignite between her and Jose Antonio in the sixth episode. Vicky, though, didn't appear to make any real connections in the house, and nothing seemed to work well.

Later, Vicky was included in multiple clips shown to Inma, which showcased that perhaps she was indeed done with Inma.

Facts To Know About Them

Here are some crucial facts to learn about Vickey Faucheux and Inma Fajardo.

  • For Vickey, Inma was the first woman she ever dated, as she had exclusively been in relationships with men.
  • Inma had cheated on Vicky several times while they were still together. She had intimate relationships with several men.
  • Vickey and Inma reportedly split up because their problems with the program appeared too much for them.
  • Both are active on their respective social media accounts, such as Instagram, yet they are notably absent from each other's posts.
  • Even though Vicky and Inma's experience on the reality show wasn't positive, they made many wonderful friends along the journey.

There are some unknown facts about Vicky and Inma From Love Never Lies Season 2.

Some FAQs

Are Vicky and Inma still together?

Vicky and Inma have apparently parted ways while both of them follow each other on social media, they are noticeably absent from their partner's posts.

Did Inma Fajardo cheat on Vickey Faucheux?

Inma had had relationships with guys in the past, including intimate relation with a number of them while she was still dating Vicky.

Why did Vickey Faucheux and Inma Fajardo join Netflix’s "Love Never Lies"?

Vickey Faucheux and Inma Fajardo entered the first season of dating reality show ‘Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia’ in hopes of resolving their trust issues.