A gunfire incident claimed the life of David Ole Sankok, a nominated member of Parliament. His Ewaso Ngiro property in Narko County was the scene of this occurrence.

According to sources, the high school student shot himself in one of their home's rooms with his father's gun. However, the circumstances behind the boy's death are unknown.

As a result of the death of the son of a male politician, this occurrence has been widely reported in the media. People are interested in learning more about the occurrence.

Why David Ole Son Died By Shooting Himself?

At their home in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok South sub-county, a son of nominated MP David ole Sankok reportedly committed suicide. Memusi Sankok his son who was 15 years old, shot himself on Monday afternoon after stealing his father's weapon from a safe in his father's toilet.

Memusi was a Kericho High School Form Four student. The cause of the boy's actions has yet to be determined, but an investigation is underway.

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have subsequently confiscated the pistol used by the legislator's son for ballistic testing. DCI authorities are probing the incident, according to Narok South Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Felix Kisalu.

The deceased's body has now been sent to the Narok County Referral Hospital. The last rituals of the body have yet to be done.

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Explore The Family Of David Ole Sankok

David Ole Sankok is a family man who is married to his beautiful wife. Sadly his son passed away at the age of Sankok was having differences with his son over his academic performance.

 The politician is the father of six children, two girls, and four boys. He celebrated the birthday of his then-19-year-old daughter Naserian two years ago and warned her to be cautious and wary of the devil's minions.

In 2018, David made headlines when he gave his daughter a car after she received an A- on her national exams in 2017. He loved all of his children equally and always pray for their bright future.

Before attending Kericho High School, the former NCPWD chairman attended Ole Sankale Primary School. While still in high school, he was promoted to captain.

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Meet David Sankok Beautiful Wife Helen Sankok

Helen Sankok is best known for being David Sankok's wife. The couple has been married for almost a decade and still loves each other as much as they did when they first met.

When David married his now-wife Helen, he was only 21 years old. Helen was a student at Ole Tips Girls, and David fell in love with her right away and planned to marry her.

Helen was attractive and well-educated by Maasai standards, so it seemed unlikely that she would marry a poor crippled boy like David, he thought. Despite his poverty and infirmity, she adored him.

The family has been going through a difficult period since the death of their eldest son. We wish his family strength and courage during this difficult time, and may David's son's soul rest in peace.