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The Virgo tattoos can be styled with elements like constellation and the Maiden. Designs featuring earthy symbols with the Mercury glyph are considered the best.

People born under the Virgo sign (between August 23 and September 22) are often characterized by their analytical and methodical approach to life and their strong sense of responsibility. The symbol of the maiden represents their desire for purity, order, and perfection. Keep scrolling to find out the unique tattoos of Virgo.

Virgo Elements

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Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign and is associated with the Earth element, making it one of the three Earth signs in astrology. Virgo embodies these qualities, and individuals born under this sign are known for their strong attention to detail and meticulous approach to life.

Mercury: In astrology, each sign is associated with a ruling planet, and for Virgo, the ruling planet is Mercury.

Earth: The Earth element is associated with stability, practicality, and a focus on material and physical aspects of life.

Maiden: The symbol of the maiden represents their desire for purity, order, and perfection.

Wheat: The wheat is associated with the Maiden, the Goddess of Harvest.

1. Maiden's Profile Tattoo

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The maiden profiles are the most famous tattoos for Virgo. This artistic concept involves creating a highly detailed and realistic profile portrait of a woman's face with white eyes. She symbolizes the purity and innocence often attributed to Virgos.

Beyond the aesthetic and symbolic aspects, the Virgo Maiden's Profile Tattoo is a conversation starter, inviting discussions about astrology, personality traits, and the unique qualities of the Virgo individual. It's a way for Virgos to connect with their zodiac sign on a deeper level and to proudly display their identity.

2. Virgo Constellation Tattoo

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Astrology has been used as a means of self-discovery and guidance for countless individuals throughout history. The Virgo constellation is located in the northern hemisphere and is one of the largest constellations in the sky.

This Virgo constellation tattoo features stars arranged in the form of an outline of a young woman. The celestial tattoo represents the Greek goddess Astraea, symbolizing purity and innocence. It is believed to connect the wearer to the celestial forces influencing their life path.

3. Tribal Virgo Sign Tattoo

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Do you want to add tribal touch to your astrological sign? This tribal Virgo sign tattoo is what you are searching for. The fusion of tribal artistry and astrological symbolism is perfect for individuals born under the Virgo zodiac sign, which falls between August 23 and September 22.

The combination of tribal patterns and the Virgo symbol, typically represented by a stylized M with a loop, creates a striking and meaningful tattoo that reflects the wearer's personality traits and astrological connection.

4. Virgo With Solar System Tattoo

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One of the coolest Virgo tattoo ideas is this Virgo with solar system tattoo. The design features a Virgo woman sitting in a lotus position, holding a globe in her hands and surrounded by stars and planets. The tattoo is also notable for its delicate linework and shading.

The lotus flower is a powerful symbol of feminine strength and also a reminder that Virgos are connected to the cosmos and the natural world. The tattoo can be a representation of their desire to explore the mysteries of the universe and their constant pursuit of self-improvement.

5. Virgo Earth Sign Tattoo

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This beautiful and meaningful Virgo symbol tattoo is sure to turn heads. The glyph is accompanied by a triangle with sunflowers and other plants nestled within, showing their roots to tip. The sunflower tattoo is a symbol of positivity.

The triangle symbolizes stability and structure, while its flora illustrates Virgo's earthy nature. It is a reminder of the Virgo's desire to create order and beauty in their surroundings, making them excellent gardeners and homemakers.

6. Virgo Constellation On Half Face

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This Virgo woman tattoo differs from others as the woman's half face is covered with the constellation. It is as if the stars have etched this serene figure onto the canvas of the cosmos, bestowing her with an air of elegance and a sense of quiet, cosmic beauty.

The celestial maiden is depicted in various cultures as a woman holding a sheaf of wheat, symbolizing the harvest season and the agricultural bounty. The embodiment of Virgo, with its shimmering stars, aligns harmoniously with the idea of a woman's face as a canvas of expression and emotion.

7. Geometric Virgo Tattoo

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This geometric pattern includes a Mercury glyph with the earth sign and Virgo constellation, all arranged in a geometric and aesthetically pleasing manner. The design is elaborated with straight clean lines, arrows and dots.

The Mercury glyph represents Virgo's ruling planet and symbolizes Virgo's grounded and practical nature, as well as their affinity for working with the tangible aspects of life. These symbols are incorporated into the tattoo to highlight the sign's intellectual and communicative nature

8. Virgo Constellation With Magic Hands And Flower

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The Virgo constellation is known for its mythical representation of a maiden and holds a special place in the night sky. In ancient Greek mythology, Virgo is often associated with the goddess of harvest and fertility, Demeter. She tends to the Earth's bounty with her magic hands, ensuring crops' growth and nature's abundance.

Virgo's distinctive star pattern, resembling a beautiful celestial maiden, makes it a captivating sight for stargazers. It is located between the constellations of Leo and Libra and is one of the largest constellations in the zodiac.

9. Heartbeat With Virgo Sign Tattoo

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The tattoo starts with a birthday and ends at the M sign having a tail for an airplane that is flying to Mercury planet. It shows the Virgo's love for travel and adventure, representing the desire to explore the world and embrace new experiences.

The heartbeat element represents the idea that life is a continuous journey, and staying in tune with your core beliefs is essential. It could also symbolize a commitment to staying true to one's principles and values, mirroring Virgo's individual practical and analytical nature.

10. Script Tattoo

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Just like the Gemini script tattoo, this is simple plain text of a word that spells Virgo in capital letters. You can customize it according to your taste, from classic and cursive to more modern and minimalist styles.

It symbolizes astrological identity and also serves as a form of self-expression and a means of connecting with the traits associated with Virgos. The script can be positioned on various body parts, with popular placements including the wrist, forearm, and collarbone.

11. Lotus Flower Tattoo

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A Virgo sign and an unalome symbol accompany the Lotus flower. Here the unexpected use of Watercolors splash is an excellent creative touch.  The Lotus perfectly mirrors Virgo's quest for personal growth and self-improvement.

Just as the Lotus rises above the muck and mire, Virgos strive to elevate themselves, seeking clarity and perfection in their pursuits. The addition of the unalome symbol represents the spiritual journey and the path to enlightenment. It starts with a spiral at the base, signifying the confusion and chaos of life.

12. Virgo Arrow Tattoo

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The beautiful even lines and shading of this blackwork tattoo design will have you taking a second look. The arrow with the Virgo zodiac symbol integrated into the design with the constellation sign gives it an artistic representation. Arrows have been used as symbols of protection and guidance throughout history.

The design emphasizes Virgo's precise and methodical nature as they navigate life's challenges and opportunities. This symbolism can be further reinforced by incorporating natural elements like leaves, vines, or earthy colors in the design.

13. Virgo Inside A Triangle Intertwined In Circle

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If you are going for a simple yet bold tattoo, go for this blackline tattoo featuring an M sign inside a triangle that is intertwined with a circle. This forearm tattoo suggests the fusion of practicality with an unyielding, determined nature.

This can be seen as a reminder for those with the tattoo to remain steadfast in their goals and decisions, relying on the inherent traits of a Virgo to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. The circular border surrounding these elements signifies unity and wholeness, suggesting that a Virgo individual is not just a collection of characteristics.

14. Virgo Element Tattoo

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There are so many aspects of Virgo in this one single tattoo. This calf tattoo design features a woman wearing a crown, making the gesture of Namaste, and has levels of pretty, intelligent, smart, and other words all over her body.

From the bottom to the top, these levels represent the layers of her wisdom, emotional depth, and her ability to rise above challenges gracefully. The woman wearing the crown in this tattoo exudes an air of natural authority, mirroring the characteristics of a Virgo. The crown serves as a reminder of her innate leadership abilities and intelligence.

15. Virgo Sun Tattoo

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The maiden in the tattoo represents the purity and innocence of Virgo's personalities and their nurturing and caring nature. Holding the sun, a powerful celestial symbol, suggests that Virgos are often the guiding light in the lives of those around them.

Virgos also have a sunny and radiant disposition that can uplift those fortunate enough to be in their presence. It signifies the importance of balance in a Virgo's life as they strive to harmonize their need for perfection with the warmth and light they bring to their loved ones.

16. Floral Virgo Constellation Tattoo

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The floral depiction of the Virgo constellation is all you need for your next ink inspiration. This tattoo design perfectly captures the essence of a Virgo by combining intricate floral patterns with the stars that form the Virgo constellation representing a harmonious balance between the earthly and the cosmic.

The stars are strategically placed amidst the petals and leaves of various flowers, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to the overall composition. It serves as a beautiful tribute to the Virgo zodiac sign and the unique qualities that come with it.

17. Virgo Tarot Card Tattoo

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Another coolest idea for a Virgo woman tattoo is this Virgo tarot card tattoo. It features the image of a maiden or a young woman holding an earth symbol. This image symbolizes the Virgo's connection to purity, humility, and the harvest season.

The Virgo tarot card is often associated with the Major Arcana card, The Hermit. Some may choose a more traditional approach, adhering closely to the original tarot card's design, while others may opt for a modern or abstract representation.

18. Floral Virgo Sign Tattoo

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If you are looking for a simple tattoo of Virgo, this floral Virgo sign tattoo is for you. It is adorned with a red rose that symbolizes love and perfection, which resonates well with the Virgo personality known for its attention to detail and desire for order and harmony.

This tattoo can serve as a representation of Virgo's nurturing and caring nature and their quest for inner beauty and self-improvement. It can be a source of inspiration and encouragement to embrace these qualities and continue to grow as an individual.

19. Virgo With Moon And Wheat Tattoo

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This is a stunning tattoo dripping with personality; all brought to you using only black ink and varying gray tones. This tattoo beautifully incorporates a maiden wearing angel wings holding wheat elements to create a harmonious and visually appealing composition.

The moon symbolizes this earth sign's emotional depth and intuition, while the wheat image represents growth, abundance, and Virgo's nurturing nature. The incorporation of wheat into the design not only represents fertility, growth, and the ability to bring forth the fruits of hard work and dedication.

20. Birth Flower With Virgo Constellation

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What is your birth flower? You can add your birth flower to your zodiac constellation sign to create a masterpiece like this one. Incorporating these flowers into the tattoo can represent the individual's birth month and convey the qualities and attributes associated with their zodiac sign.

For Virgo, the birth flower for August is the Gladiolus, symbolizing strength and moral integrity. In September, the birth flower is the Aster, symbolizing love, wisdom, and faith.