Magni Dezmond is a member of
Magni Dezmond is a member of "TEMPUS" alongside Regis Altare, Axel Syrios and Noir Vesper.( Source : zerochan )

Magni Dezmond, lovingly called Dez, is an English Virtual YouTuber who has not described his past. 

Indeed, he is new to the scene as he made his debut last month. 

Despite being an amateur, he has the backing of Cover Corp and began from interactions with fans on Twitter. 

In their back story, they explained Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS as a downtown pub and a place where the team got formed. They used to frequent the bar before joining hands and created a name to symbolize a turning point in their lives. 

Did Vtuber Magni Dezmond Describes Past Life?

Virtual webstar Magni Dezmond has not made his past life public as it was nothing but a baseless conjecture started by YouTuber Azehara Ch.

The channel with over one thousand subscribers took out a random clip from the TEMPUS debut broadcast where he was talking about recalling details. 

Although he wrote down signing, learning Japanese, and joining the Holostars as his goals but had trouble remembering the meaning of the Japanese Kanji. 

But the clip by no means had a word about his past life or anything related to it. The uploader knew of their faults and put a disclaimer in the comment sections that he was a troll for views. 

More than nineteen thousand people fell for his scam, but he holds no remorse for his actions.

Magni Dezmond Face Reveal - What Is His Real Name?

It seems unfortunate that Magni Dezmond has not done a face reveal as he is a virtual character. His illustrator is Showichi Furumi, while Jujube does his design. 

The self-proclaimed alchemist boosts his godlike abilities, but no one has seen him get down to business. He tells stories about his business ventures, traveling all around Elysium before settling down. 

But the question remains if he is a potions maker. His mind is a mystery as he stares into the abyss, hoping to stay in his fantasies and then live the atrocities of his birth world. 

Indeed, his life's goal is to uncover the hidden mysteries of the old sages and hides a darker side that gets filled with obsession and manic. 

Magni Dezmond is a male English Virtual YouTuber who is Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s publicist.
Magni Dezmond is a male English Virtual YouTuber who is Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS’s publicist.( Source : fandom )

Joining the TEMPUS unit was a part of his plan as he made a youtube channel with an original song before breaking off their platforms. 

By July, he had reached a hundred thousand subs as he continued to upload once a day.

His content has a diverse range as he does everything from painting and playing the game to inviting his fellow members into the stream. 

Averaging 25k to 35k views per stream, he is about to break the goal of two million views across all the videos. 

Does Magni Dezmond Have Affiliation With TEMPUS?

Vtuber Magni Dezmond has affiliations with the technological company TEMPUS. He serves as the guild's publicist, operating as an alchemist.

The corporations get known for their hololive productions as they announced their English-speaking VTuber group HOLOSTARS English.

Speculations began when their official Twitter handle dropped a mysterious logo mark in July with a link to their website. 

Their promotions skills represented a treasure hunt as the site had a teaser for what was to come and a clock counting down to three days later.

July 18th became the day when they announced the first unit featuring virtual characters, Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, Regis Altare, and Noir Vesper.

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